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I took this picture last month and just noticed that the unusual wing formation on this Anna’s Hummingbird. I have not seen this type of wing formation in my other pictures. I took this picture at 1/8000 of a second at f/8 with an ISO of 4000. I also noticed the Hummingbird’s tongue sticking out as he approached the Cuphea Vermillionaire flower for some nectar.

The wing span in the front view is wide perpendicular to the bird. Notice the thin tongue sticking out as the bird approaches the flower. I assume the bird’s wing position helps expedite his travel to his food destination. I can identify with this bird’s eagerness to get the the sweet nectar. The bird is on the verge of salivating for the food.

I get easily excited about most foods. In my younger days, I could devour a large quantity of food and not gain weight. I miss the days when I could eat everything without terrible consequences. I enjoyed going to buffets and trying everything. I am still a fast eater, but ate even faster when I was younger. I even competed in an ice cream eating contest where the roof of my mouth became uncomfortably frozen.

In my Cantonese country dialect, there is a expression which literally means “neck hurts”. We use this expression to express our “hankering  for a particular food” or “strong craving for a kind of food”. Unfortunately, I do not know the origin of this colloquium and wish I knew how this saying was derived. But I can identify with the tongue wagging hummingbird. Don’t worry, I do realize I cannot allow my tongue to hang out.

During this pandemic, my wife attempts to bake or cook foods we crave. She is making different foods which we did not eat before the pandemic. Eating our comfort foods help, since we do not eat at restaurants or buy too much take out foods. We are not attending any parties or our usual potluck holiday gatherings. I am hoping to eat my favorite homemade lemon cheesecake in the near future.

If I had wings to fly, I would be flying quickly to my favorite places to eat delicious food too. I’m hoping sometime this year we can actually sit down at one of our favorite restaurants to eat. I would even be happy to sit down at a hamburger or pizza place to eat.

What does your body language show in your emotions? I will try to restrain my expression when I am free to go out and relax at a restaurant.

Photos capture body language!