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This is a female Anna’s Hummingbird who has her beak pointed up displaying the spotted and freckled pattern on her neck! The female hummingbirds are not as colorful as the male counterpart. But she does have a nice spotted neck. She doesn’t need any necklace to highlight her pretty neck. So far I rarely see any hummingbirds with the head tilted to put the beak up in the air.

The spot pattern on this bird’s neck is very interesting. The rows of spots converge towards the center beak. The larger spots are at the base of her neck and seem to be smaller towards the beak. Maybe this hummingbird wanted to show off her spots by lifting her head and beak up into the air. The bird could even be doing a little twist with her body.

Often we associate humans with their nose up in the air with being a little snobbish. In reality, individuals who are snobbish or think they know “it all” do not vertically put their nose in the air. Sometimes we each can be a little bit proud in some area of our life.

A long time ago, I won an ice cream eating contest. I ate fast and a lot. It would be fun to have the bragging rights of winning this eating contest. Well, I ended up burning the roof of mouth due to extreme cold from all the ice cream I ate. There was a cost to earning the title of Ice Cream Eating King.

If I had these pretty spots on my neck and tried to show them off by lifting my head up with my nose in the air, I would probably irritate my sensitive neck. I already need to be careful with my bad neck. So putting my nose in the air could be detrimental to my neck.

Therefore, this photo is a good reminder for all of us to be careful of a proud attitude and putting our nose up in the air. We don’t want to hurt ourselves or other people with our words and attitude.

Photos help keep our attitude correct!