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This red bird was chomping on some tree branch buds last month in our neighbor’s yard. I am speculating that it is a House Finch. This bird has come by a couple of times so far in the past two months. This bird was hungry as it was trying to put a lot of buds in its mouth, but put too much in and lost some of his precious food. Some of his food fell down the tree.

My wife has a tendency to drop things. She is rushing doing things and in her haste, she drops things. I hope I do not pick up her dropping habit. When we go to Costco, I usually go to visit the restroom before leaving. I previously would give her the Costco receipt before I go. I stopped giving it to her, because she kept dropping the receipt. She would get distracted and forget she was holding the receipt. Subsequently, I stopped giving the receipt to her. So birds are not the only creatures who drop things.

Recently, I learned 4 people I know caught COVID-19. It may be possible one person caught it while getting vaccinated in a crowded area.  I was thinking this discovery was a bad dream. It was a little surreal facing this reality. Fortunately, one of the persons who was in the hospital is now released and hopefully will continue to improve.

In a chat with friends about these events, one text mentioned how life is short, and we do not need as much as we think we do. This pandemic has taught us to downsize. My wife does not need all the clothes in the closet since we stay home. Even when we do return to a new normal life outside the house, she realizes she does not need so many clothes. What things in our life are necessities that we must have or are nice to have? Have we learned what really is not as important in our life which we once deemed as a priority? Can we cast aside the things in our life which may be weighing us down? If we drop unnecessary things, will we be lighter in our worries, stresses and cares?

We are learning we could drop certain material things, services and activities to simplify life. Prioritize to make time for people and drop things which really are not that important. 

Is there something you could drop in your life to make room for important people? So it is ok to be a little clumsy and drop the unimportant things in life. Can we simplify our life and drop things which really are not that important? 

Photos remind us to “drop it”!