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Does it look like this caterpillar is smiling?

I photographed this Caterpillar on a Agastache Blue Boa plant last spring in our garden. I purchased this plant from Bluestone Perennials. The bright orange background was provided by the California Poppies that I planted. The poppy seeds were given to us by a good friend. The caterpillar is pretty neon lime green which is perfect in front of the orange glowing background. This photograph has a surreal effect in the colors and images.

I enjoy trying to plan what plants to grow in my garden. But I am a newbie with gardening. I am learning as I go what grows or not. I had a small Japanese Maple Tree for about 5 years. It has always been weak and sickly but did not die until it got hit by the neighbor’s basketball. That basketball hit killed off my little tree.

I try to read and study to see what flowers may flourish in our soil and weather. But I am tending my garden with the trial and error method.

When I was a product photographer, we staged out the objects and people to shoot. We planned out the lighting and positioning of the electronic products, the background and the models.

As I have been shooting pictures in the backyard, I cannot position my creature models. I cannot manually fix my lighting. I cannot set up my backdrops behind the subjects.

This photograph was unplanned, but the model with its background are pretty stunning. I did plan the best time of the day to try to get good lighting for pictures. It is amazing how the orange poppy gave the remarkable glow, and how the caterpillar showed up at the right spot.

I am grateful for the blessing of this photograph. It is a reminder how nature can give a special bright glow to highlight the creatures.

We all need to see a bright glow in our pandemic life to give us hope. Just as this particular scene was given to me by God to photograph, He will also bless and give provision during this pandemic by His mercy.

During this pandemic, we cannot plan all the scenarios we will need to handle – for example when we can get a vaccine. But we can trust God to give us blessings and provision. Hope we can reflect a bright glow as we are blessed.

Photos make us glow!