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I took this picture many years ago with my 35mm Canon film camera. The San Diego Padres were the SF Giants opponent and were taking batting practice and were doing pre-game stretching exercises before a night game. The picture sums up Candlestick Park during a summer night game being windy, cold, and kind of dreary during many occasions.

This photograph is a good reminder we all need to stretch. As I get older, aches and pains are starting to happen. There are back and neck issues which sometimes bother me. I may not be a professional baseball player who stress their bodies in playing. But I still experience stress in my body.

During this pandemic, my goal is to improve my health and build up our immunity to reduce risk in catching this unpredictable virus. I already had a Fitbit and was walking. I increased my step to close to 20,000 per day.  I was able to reduce my weight by 10 pounds. The Fitbit inspires me to walk my quota of steps each hour. I do not go out to walk but walk all over my home. I keep moving and watch my count during the day. The Fitbit encourages me to keep walking.

Another tool I recently acquired is the Chirp Wheel. We happened to find a little cheaper deal and remembered seeing this product on Shark Tank. 

This is the link to see this Shark Tank clip.

I just started trying to stretch on this wheel. My wife accidentally fell off the wheel when it was uneven on her exercise mat. So I do need to be careful while stretching on it. It did feel good on my back. My wife is trying to stretch her back to help her sciatica.

It is important to find things to inspire us to fix and improve when faced with a problem. It is easy to get discouraged when in pain. There is some physical pain where there is no easy solution. But when possible, stretching has improved how we feel. Walking has helped me emotionally and physically. Walking does calm me down especially during this pandemic period.

Try something new to improve our physical being. If we can improve how we feel physically, this helps our emotional and spiritual being.

Photos Inspire! Go Giants!