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This Candlestick Park concession vendor #289 was either in the General Admissions or the bleacher section. These were the cheap and affordable seats at $2.50, since they were far from home plate. We were restricted to stay in this area and not allowed to other parts of the stadium.

It is always fun to buy the snacks and food at the ballpark. This guy was selling peanuts at 75 cents and soft drinks at $1.25 a cup. It is hard to believe those prices existed once upon a time. I wonder how much profit these vendors received from all their hard work.

Candlestick Park was full, since the SF Giants were playing the Dodgers. Most fans enjoyed eating and drinking during a baseball game. It was part of the fun.

We watched Super Bowl LV. Normally we would go to someone’s house for a Super Bowl party. There are a lots of great food selections at this football potluck. It was fun being with our friends. Unfortunately, there was no fun party to attend with our friends. We had our private party at home with our homemade pizza, dumplings and swordfish. We did enjoy eating and watching the game by ourselves.

Part of the fun we had at Candlestick Park was enjoying the game while eating with our friends. It was so nice how tickets and food were affordable, so everyone could go. I could attend any game, if my schedule was free. I did not hesitate about buying food at the Stick, since prices were reasonable.

Who knows when we will be at Oracle Park again to watch the SF Giants live? Will Opening Day be available to the public? Not only do we not know if fans can go due to this pandemic, but what will prices be like. Unfortunately, Oracle Park and the SF Giants have lost lots of money due to the pandemic. Businesses are challenged how to operate with our current challenges.

Many of us enjoy the old memories at Candlestick Park where availability of tickets, food and fun were easy and affordable. These old pictures show the younger generation what it was like to attend a baseball game at Candlestick Park, and how the atmosphere was different. There were no barriers to stop people from going as there are today. Of course in 30 years in the future, our current day scenario will look good.

The lesson learned is to appreciate today’s circumstances. We cannot go back in time, but we can appreciate the good old fun experiences. We should not be overly worried about tomorrow on circumstances we cannot control. We should just make the most of each day and be thankful for today.

Photos tell old stories!