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This was the walkway in the back of the general admission area under the centerfield scoreboard at Candlestick Park. It provided some shade on sunny days. I took these pictures with my 35mm Canon film camera. I shot with 35mm Kodak Kodachrome film. This was back in the days when I had to ration out my picture taking as I only had about 37 exposures on one roll of film. I wish I had my current digital camera while photographing at Candlestick Park in the late 1980’s.  I would have taken a lot more pictures.

Many sports fans who enjoyed Candlestick Park remember the section they sat in. People remember the places where they had fun with family and friends. Enjoying the games and discussing sports strategy build relationships. Many fans spent quality time at Candlestick Park. Everyone needs social interaction to grow and learn. Candlestick Park was a place we all could gather together and interact.

During this Pandemic, our social interaction has drastically changed. We do Zoom to see our family, relatives and friends. Our live social interactions have been limited to a handful of people for this last year. Good relationships help individuals become better. Despite the hardships of this past year, we’ve learned new things from each other.

Just as we see the dark shade versus the bright sun shining over the stadium seats, good relationships can bring light to individuals who could be in the dark. We all face darkness in our trials, temptations and hardships. Facing challenges can be confusing and difficult to choose the correct path out of the confusing darkness.

A few years ago, a few of us went on a cruise vacation. We had a blast together. One friend decided to try the acupuncturist on the ship due to a bad foot problem. She found the treatments wonderful in providing relief for her problem. She suggested my wife and I try this specialist for physical problems. My wife was not too keen to try. The experience definitely brought light and improvement for my wife. She still practices what the acupuncturist told her to do. If it were not for our relationships to encourage us to try something new, we would not have gained the valuable lessons.

We all need relationships to help us get out of the dark and see new light. It’s no fun falling down and hurting ourselves as we stumble in the dark.

Photos reveal dark and light!