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The St Francis of Assisi Statue lit up with the setting sun at Candlestick Park in 1988 when the stadium and statue were still there. Now, they are both gone from this location. When the sun shone thru the halo around the head of the statue, it was truly magnificent.

Old SF Gate Article about St Francis of Assisi Statue

This statue was at Candlestick Park for 40 years. Does anyone know where this statue is now? According to this article, there were plans to build a shopping mall to replace Candlestick Park. This statue was created by the artist – Ruth Wakefield Cravath. It was installed in 1973. This statue was the guard to watch over all the sporting events at Candlestick Park.

During these pandemic times, there has been a lot of loss – lives, jobs, income, money, and daily livelihoods. Whenever we should gather again, there will be people we saw before the pandemic who are gone now. When Candlestick Park was demolished, many old fans went out to watch the different phases of the work. Fans lost an iconic stadium where they spent a significant amount of time enjoying sports while building close relationships. 

Significant loss is difficult to handle in normal times. But during this pandemic life, loss is harder due to our lack of physical interaction with people outside our bubble. Looking at old pictures and remembering the people and this old statute at Candlestick Park gives me comfort. Old photographs allow me to reflect on the good old times and the people who made the memories great. 

Just as the St Francis of Assisi statue guarded the sports events at Candlestick Park, we also need to keep guard of the precious people and events in our life – past and present. We can remember the people we miss during these pandemic times thru photos and think about their wonderful character to mimic in our life.

Photos remind us of what and who we miss!