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This hummingbird has an interesting curved wing in the back. I am constantly amazed as I see the different ways the hummingbirds position their wings. This bird looks like his chest is out, and he is proud to move forward. He looks confident and ready to tackle all the sweetness in these flowers.

Being like this confident bird is a challenge. Confidence does not come easy to me. Seeing the hurdles and obstacles instead of the opportunities in challenges can be the downfall for all of us. Learning how to jump higher to get over the hurdles is hard to do.

My first photography art show, which was many years after my college photo show, was a terrifying event. My wife happened to see an ad for a local coffee shop who was looking for artists to display their work. We planned an opening event and invited a crowd. Surprisingly, everything fell into place. I had forgotten about a lot of old photos I took about 25 years ago. I decided to choose those old photos and make them digital. I determine how the images would be displayed and planned out the descriptions to explain my work. I was pleasantly pleased with my work knowing my collection of photographs are unique and represent a special period of my photographic journey. The initial hurdles no longer seemed as high, and I realized I could jump over them.

There was a great support crowd who attended this event to cheer me on. It was a humbling and a great learning experience. I am grateful for the support I received from family, relatives and friends to give me the confidence to move forward.

Do you lack confidence to show the world who you are? I was fortunate to listen to individuals in my life who encouraged me to show who I am as a photographer. Confidence is like a building. We need a strong foundation to provide support to build and hopefully not topple over.

Photos remind us to move forward with confidence!