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I’m having a blast trying to understand these visiting hummingbirds. I sit in my garden when the sunlight is the best and wait to see if they will come to visit. My goal is to be quick to shoot these graceful birds in action. When these hummingbirds visit, I sense they are watching me. They are trying to evaluate if I am safe. I can feel their eyes looking at me.

It is amazing the different ways the hummingbirds move their wings. They can fly away in a blink of an eye. I try to anticipate where they are flying to catch their different wing positions.

The top hummingbird’s wings reminds me of a swimming stroke with one wing pointed forward and the other pointed towards the back. They are naturally graceful even with their quick speed. It amazes me how a creature can be extremely quick with such angelic wings.

It would be nice if I could be as swift and move with pizazz. I took dance lessons with my cousin when she was preparing to get married. Her fiancé was not available to go with her. So I went to be her partner. We learned all the typical ballroom dance steps. It was fun. But I was no “Fred Astaire” in my movements. There was no flare in my steps. Once upon a time, I was a fast runner in track and could run to play basketball. But in dance, my feet did not work very swiftly with finesse.

It’s okay I will never be a great dancer. Every individual has a unique talent, which they can perform with finesse. For the hummingbird, it can fly with grace and speed naturally. I may not be able to fly. But I am glad I discovered my love for photography and continue to strive to capture interesting images. It took time for me to find this passion and study to become a photographer. It is a passion I seek to improve and learn the ever changing camera technology.

These hummingbirds remind us to seek out our talents and develop them to be the best.

Photos show who we are!