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Magnification of this flower center shows us detail often missed. The pink petals are usually noticed first on any flower. The petals are usually larger which draws our attention.

This flower’s center looks like a pinecone and is extremely interesting. This flower photograph shows us how important the center is.

I love my Pixel 3XL cellphone. It takes great photographs for a cellphone. We all collect pictures on our phones. We can easily organize and enjoy the pictures on our phones. We create albums on Facebook or our cloud drive. Physical photo albums are becoming archaic since we can store an album on the cloud.

My hallway displays a collection of 20×30 photographs. One can easily see the details, colors and patterns of the scenes due to the large size. We often miss the details in our photographs due to the size.

Details matter in life. When we forget to pay attention details, mistakes can occur. Solutions to problems could be missed if we overlook a detail. If we are rushing, then we miss observing important facts or information.

In our pandemic life, find meaningful photographs to enlarge and display. Seeing pictures which speak to us will help us during difficult times. We cannot see our families to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But we can display a large picture to think about the good times spent together. Large sized pictures help us to see the details otherwise missed.

Photos, when enlarged, display important details!