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This hummingbird has its body a little downward with his wings flung back as if he was stretching. He probably is just getting into a good position as he approaches the flowers for nectar. 

See if this hummingbird’s pose looks similar to the “2. Chest Stretch” from this link to lifehack.org

Stretching may be uncomfortable in the beginning, but it can help to relax and improve our flexibility. I help my wife relax with shoulder massages, which does the trick to get her to fall asleep quickly. 

During these pandemic times, it is helpful to find out what will help us to de-stress and relax. My wife discovered this celebrity trainer for Pilates on YouTube to relax. Activity helps us to release our stress. I look at my Fitbit to walk my quota of steps every hour. I do not go out to walk but just walk all over my home. Find an activity to get the blood flowing. This trainer has a lot of videos. She gives clear instructions, and my wife enjoys a challenging workout. No one needs to feel intimidated trying these workout especially if you try it alone. Plus it is FREE, and just requires 30 to 40 minutes to improve one’s mood. This is my wife’s recommendation, and it works for her.

Kit Rich Celebrity Trainer on YouTube

Having a calming garden and photographing the hummingbirds, bees and butterflies helps me to let go of worries with all the recent stress in life. Last week was pretty stressful with quite a few unfortunate events. My calm is achieved by getting out in the yard and sitting still. Waiting for the hummingbird friends to arrive which renews my soul. Sometimes they come and sometimes I miss them. But this activity is a highlight of my day.

Create your calm space to do whatever activities you enjoy to do to relax. Whether it is doing puzzles, reading, watching movies, embroidery or just praying, create a space to feel calm and peace. Make it space with plants, flowers, pictures and calming colors. Or work on your backyard as I am to create an outdoor space to create calmness in life. Having a refuge place to fling your arms back to stretch out the kinks in your neck and shoulders is the best. Create Calm in life!

These hummingbirds are the best to remind me what is important in life.

Photos can create Calm!