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These hummingbirds never cease to amaze me with their different movements. As I sit in my backyard trying to catch hummingbirds in action, I never know what I will observe. So I was fortunate to catch the this beauty from the back with his wing curved forward looking like a salute. These hummingbirds are so quick and fast. I have been adjusting my camera equipment and technique to capture their movements.

This hummingbird is probably just moving quickly towards its next snack and meal. They need a lot of energy due to their constant and rapid flying. Usually the hummingbirds visit my yard solo. Perhaps it is the mentality of needing food with no time for socialization. This photo reminds me of a painting with the soft surrounding around the bird. It resembles the soft brush strokes of a painting. This photo would look pretty awesome printed as a canvas.

Ironically, this hummingbird is saluting no one. It reminds me how we are more isolated due to this pandemic. A salute is a gesture to display respect particularly in the military. Whether we are in the military or not, this attitude of a salute is desperately needed today. Lately in our area, random acts of violence have occurred attacking Asians. It is quite alarming. What happened to respect for all peoples? We may not look alike or agree on everything. But we should agree all people deserve to be treated with respect.

Can we remember this hummingbird’s salute and show respect with a smile to someone we do not know? Smile as a salute to help someone else smile.

Photos remind us to salute!