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Here’s an ominous picture of a stray cat who periodically visits our yard. He does not have a collar. So I am assuming he does not belong to anyone. But perhaps someone is feeding him since he is moving around the backyards on our block. This picture makes him a little evil with his green eyes and brown striped nose.

The cat seems a little shy. Once he sees me, he runs quickly away. If I knew the cat, I do love playing with cats.

But I have a dilemma. I have been working on my hummingbird sanctuary in my backyard. Lately as I have been sitting in my yard waiting for these quick flying birds to visit, I have been disappointed. They have not been coming to get their picture taken. I am wondering if this cat is scaring them away.

I set up surveillance and noticed this cat visiting in the dark. I also noticed one of the birds who visited previously is missing. I really hope this cat did not go after that bird.

What is my next course of action? I purchased ultrasonic animal repeller with a movement sensors. I took them out of the yard anticipating rain coming. I decided I will set these up again. When the sensors are set off by movement, then a high pitched sound goes off and hopefully will send the cat away.

Here’s the link of one the Solar Ultrasonic Animal Repeller with Motion Sensor

Let’s see if these animal repellers help the hummingbirds feel safe to return to my backyard so I can continue to enjoy their company.

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