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For the past couple of weeks, the Bumblebees have been coming to search for food. This worker Bumblebee is about to land on our new plant, Spanish Lavender (Lavandula stoechas), which was purchased at the Sloat Garden Center on 3rd Ave in San Francisco. I caught this shot of the Bumblebee on this plant. A Hummingbird was checking out this plant too, but I was not fast enough to photograph him. I love this bee’s long legs hanging down as he goes towards his next snack.

I’ve been experimenting to find the right flowers to grow in my yard which will flourish and attract the hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. I’ve order some flowers online. So far I’ve been disappointed with these online plants. They did not survive well in my garden. Sloat Garden Center has a lifetime guarantee on their plants. The flowers from Sloat Garden Center have done well in my yard. Since Sloat Garden Center is local, they understand our climate and soil. Their employees are always helpful and knowledgeable to give advice about growing the plants.

I never spent so much time in my garden, until we were sheltering in place due to the pandemic. Early in 2019, I already started my garden project, but had not planned what should be planted in the spring. This year I’ve scoped out the plants to add this spring. I’m excited about the prospect of my future flowers I hope to purchase and plant, and the new creatures they will feed and attract.

We are not happy with this pandemic. But ironically, many of us have developed our passions during this pandemic period. I’ve been a photographer for most of my adult life. My gardening passion resulted from my photography passion to create a haven and environment to shoot pictures.

Focusing on nature has a calming effect on my soul. It reminds me how God is the great Creator of all. Observing the flowers and the quick flying bees, hummingbirds and butterflies is fascinating. My garden world takes me away from the pandemic world for a break.

We all need a refuge to take a break from our pandemic world. Allow photographs to take you to a calmer place.

Photos Calm our Souls.