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I photographed this insect back in December of 2020. I do not know what kind of insect this is. It was attracted to this Bush Daisy (Sonnenschein) flower we purchased from the Sloat Garden Center by the SF Zoo. Sorry I did not try to identify this interesting bug. It reminds me of a cartoon shaped insect. I love the delicate transparent wings and 3 segmented body. The striped body is cool too. The head and torso portions remind me of Darth Vader’s helmet in shape. It appears hard and bell shaped.

But my favorite part of this insect is the wing with the intricate pattern lines and transparent appearance. Nothing can be hidden in this wing.  Even though these wings seem delicate, they are strong enough to allow this bug to fly everywhere. They can lift this bug up and about, so it can gather food and sweetness.

Why are we afraid of being transparent? Probably we are afraid to be transparent due to our pride. Sometimes my wife does not want to show all her cards. In our case, she wants to hide some of our clutter when we had guest visiting our house before this pandemic. Our clutter also reveals who we are and our hidden indulgences of healthy snack food and chocolate. We are afraid of criticism and disapproval. We do not want to be judged. We feel we need to hide our weaknesses.

But when we choose to be transparent, it could allow us to fly a little higher and be lighter after releasing the weight of what we are hiding. Yes there is certain information about ourselves which is private. When we share ourselves with others to help and encourage, then it is worth the risk of exposure.

Do we want to emulate this bug and be transparent to help someone and be free to fly higher?

Photos remind us about Transparency.