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The Hummingbirds have rarely been coming into our yard to drink the nectar of the Cuphea Vermillionaire flowers the past two weeks. They used to come every 20 minutes or so during the late morning and early afternoon. I have only seen them come in for a very quick visit and they appear skittish and fly away quickly.

I took these pictures of the Hummingbird up in a neighbor’s tree. I used a powerful zoom lens since he was far away. This bird’s ruffled feather reminds how many may look with sheltering in place. Our hair can be messy and tousled. We attend church via the internet, and no one has to see how we look. We do not need to dress up to go anywhere. We are comfortable in our sweats at home.

Do we feel like our feathers are ruffled? With all the recent Asian Assaults occurring, it is alarming and fearful. Not only do we have to watch our surroundings as we walk outside, but there are also home invasions while occupants are present. I usually am not as sensitive to outside noises. But more recently, normal outside noises are irritating. Individuals in my circle were sick with COVID-19. Fortunately, they recovered. Whenever we have big family gatherings again, there will be a couple of empty chairs of relatives who are now gone. These pandemic times are unnerving. So I feel like this bird.

What is amazing about this bird is the colors? Depending on how the bird bends his head and the reflecting light, the bright fuchsia shines on the top.  Even with the ruffled feathers, the emerald shimmering green body is beautiful. It is interesting how one moment the bird’s head looks black. Then when he points his beak up, he shows his true colors on his head and neck!

I need to learn from this bird. I need to look up where my help comes from the Lord. The light shows the pretty colors on the bird with the reflections. The Light reflection can also bring beauty and peace to each of us in the midst of a pandemic.

Can we reflect true colors even though we may be battling ruffled feelings?

Photos Reflect True Colors!