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I photographed this Bumblebee approaching our new Spanish Lavender plant we purchased from the Sloat Garden Center in SF. I used the fastest shutter speed on my camera which is 1/8000 of a second.

I love the wing position of this Bumblebee. I am constantly amazed by the poses of the creatures I am photographing in my backyard. This pose reminds me some of the scenes in “The Matrix” from 1999. Have you seen this old clip for this Virtual Combat scene? Some of the hand motions look like this bee. If you freeze a few of the scenes with Lawrence Fishburne or Keanu Reeves in mid-air, they remind me of this bee’s interesting wing position.


My wife’s organization is looking at how the employees can return to the office. Her supervisor requested concerns and suggestions about returning to the office. One of my wife’s concern is just walking from the bus to the office. The building is a very bad part of town. Before the pandemic, the area was already bad. But during the pandemic, tents are more abundant in the area. She is more fearful of the recent Asian Assault which occur any time of the day or night. She communicated this concern to her supervisor in her email and added her regret she did not know martial arts.

In this clip, one phrase is mentioned — “Weakness is not your Technique”. Whether we know how to protect ourselves with martial arts and can do those cool moves with our arm, this is not the most important strength. Attitude is the strength we all need. We can either allow our fears to consume, or we can decide how to do something with the fear.

A Bumblebee is a pretty small creature. But it has strength in the speed of it’s wings. It does have a good stinger. Being fast and quick is its strength. I’m learning how smart bees are in their flight maneuvers. This bee knows how to use its strengths to protect itself.

Let’s not allow our weaknesses be our technique. Rather can we learn to use our strengths to conquer our fears?

Photos teach us to face weaknesses!