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This hungry Bumblebee was busy flying and landing on our new Spanish Lavender plant in our yard. In the prior pictures, the poor bee looks like part of her wing flew off. But it did not seem to be a big problem, since she secured herself on this flower and enjoyed a good sweet meal.

Photographing bees allows me to observe their behavior and characteristics. I never studied bees until now. Apparently old age happens to all creatures. Bumblebees also get old and wear out their wings over time. See the article below if you are interested in reading about wing wear in bumblebees.

Journal of Experimental Biology – What causes wing wear in foraging bumble bees?

Getting older is a part of all life. Life is constant change. Once upon a time, I could eat a lot of food, and burn the consumed calories. I could run and play sports. Now I don’t run or play sports due to minor aches and pains. Walking is the best exercise which hopefully will not cause injury. Hopefully, I will not be losing any limbs to prevent my mobility.

The loss of the wing piece did not slow down this bee. It looks like the bee enjoyed the flower nectar, and flew away.

This bee is teaching me about resilience. Determination to find a way to function and succeed when we are challenged with physical pain or losses is a challenge faced by all. I hope I can learn from this bee with the loss of part of a wing to accept my losses, but proceed to achieve my goals.

My sympathy to this bee for her wing loss. I applaud her flight to her next meal and to continue on her journey.

Photos teach resilience.