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As per my last post, apparently bumblebees lose wing parts due to old age. This is an interesting photograph with the bee proceeding to the flower as she loses 2 wing pieces. Those wing fragments have a nice curvature and style as they float away from the bee.

It is pretty amazing my discovery of the different bee poses and characteristics. This bee still looks more interesting with the 2 wing parts flying in the background. The bee looks stress free, even though her wing parts are detached and flying away.

During this pandemic, everyone has experienced stress. Perhaps for many of us, this past year could be the most stressful period we’ve faced. Not only is there the stress of getting COVID-19 or someone in our family getting infected, but our country has experienced racial and political unrest. There have been bad meteorological storms which caused losses to certain parts of the country. There is major economic consequences due to COVID-19. There is increased crime due to a variety of circumstances.

This pandemic stress has bothered me. But when I review my photographs, I forget about the stress and focus on the bees, birds and butterflies. I want to emulate their carefree attitude. In reality, our stressful feelings will not benefit our life. Stress causes health problems. Stress makes us feel uncomfortable and worried.

Looking at this photographs is a good reminder to recognize our problems and deal. But we do not need to worry or allow stress to control us. The carefree bee is not worried about a couple of missing wing parts. We just need to remember the Creator of the bee is also watching over me. I just need to work at what I am called to do.

I do occasionally lose it and get upset over things that are not really important. It is not a pretty sight. So I hope I can be reminded that I need to seek to care “less” because I have a God who is caring for me.

Let’s not lose it and make a bad scene. Let’s understand loss with less stress and care!

Photos teach about losing it with style!