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This bumblebee is having a great time in the center of our succulent plant. It rained here, and these drops remained on the plant. So the bee seems to be rotating around while drinking the drops of water.

Using my super telephoto zoom lens to zoom in is pretty fun. I love seeing the magnification of the rain drops. The translucency and the round drops are interesting on the leaves of the succulent.

The bee looks like it is rotating around the center of the succulent. It is probably trying to drink all the water collected in the succulent.

Sometimes do we ever feel like we are spinning around like this bee and not going anywhere? Spinning around makes us feel a little disoriented or dizzy. We may feel confused or have doubts about goals.

Even though this bee is rotating, she is also taking care of her thirst. She is enjoying her fresh rain water to replenish and give her energy to fly away.

This is the lesson for us. Maybe when we are spinning around, we just need to take a step back and stop spinning. We could just sit still and drink some water to replenish. If we stop spinning and take care of our physical needs, we can regroup to take our flight. Bumblebees are great teachers!

Photographs reflect great Bumblebee lessons!