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We miss being with our friends and family during pre-pandemic times. I’m hoping we will have happy reunions later this year. In our Zoom meetings, we discuss possible plans for our reunion. We need to have a party in our house to make us tidy up our pandemic clutter. It will be nice when our people can return to visit us indoors.

It is also nice how this Red Admiral butterfly has been a good visitor over the past few months. See I shot a photograph in December 2020. I was glad to see this butterfly again in March. Unfortunately, this is a tattered butterfly now. See how the wing is damaged. The wing patterns match. So this must be the same butterfly?

Everyone and thing deteriorates over time. Things become broken. Home repair is a constant in life. During this pandemic time, people were seeking to repair and improve their homes to enjoy pandemic life. We love HGTV to watch how old broken homes are remodeled and fixed. It is interesting the determination whether the broken parts need to be discarded or can be restored or remade. Most of us enjoy seeing how the old can be made new again.

Facing brokenness is difficult to determine if a repair is appropriate. Can the brokenness be fixed? Or do we have to live with brokenness. We experienced a bad toilet problem with various problems. The plumber tried all sorts of things to repair. Finally, it was determined that it just had to be replaced. Too bad I do not know how to repair and patch this butterfly’s wing.

Often we do not want to face brokenness. Some do not want to change the old in their house as long as it functions in some way and will live with brokenness. In our life, do we recognize our brokenness? The first step to fix brokenness is to recognize what is broken. After recognition, we need to accept and move to possible solutions to fix emotional brokenness.

Hope during this pandemic time, we can not only repair our physical homes but also our personal emotional brokenness. I know I am praying and working on my personal brokenness. My garden and flying friends have helped me spend time praying in the outdoors. It is a slow process, but learning does not happen overnight.

Hope we can all accept the challenge to fix our brokenness.

Photos remind us about brokenness!