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I photographed this Hummingbird last week as this was the only time he came in the yard. He flew in for a few seconds and hid behind the plants and flew out quickly. They are easily spooked by loud noises and or quick movements. This is why I try to be as quiet and still as possible. The problems with living in San Francisco, is the amount of noise in the neighborhood. It is not conducive to photograph Hummingbirds or other birds that are easily spooked.

This hummingbird is peeking thru the flowers in my yard. You can see his eye look out at me in the midst of the leaves and blossoms. It blends pretty well with the greenery. It is amazing how these creatures blend in with the scenery.

I miss seeing these hummingbirds in my yard. I am trying to figure out why they are missing. I am guessing it is too noisy lately, and they are not comfortable flying in to visit. Discouragement is not a good feeling. It causes confusion in pursuing goals. Wondering if my plans will be futile is my fear.

I was reminded life is constant change. This Pandemic life reminds me how events keep changing. So whatever is keeping the hummingbirds away will hopefully change. I am praying they will return and come out of hiding.

I can identify with this bird wanting to be hidden. I do love camouflage clothing. I wear camouflage hoping to welcome the hummingbirds into my garden. I want to blend in with the birds and do not want to scare them off. Being a good host means thinking about pleasing your guests. This has been my goal to provide sweet flowers for the hummingbirds. Recently the local news has publicized the need to be careful of bird feeders. They are getting dirty and causing harm to the birds.

SFGate Article about Dying Songbirds

I hope this is not the reason why I have not seen many hummingbirds in my garden.

Especially in our current world where Asians are being attacked, I want to be hidden in camouflage. I would fight back if I am attacked again. But I don’t want to fight or be attacked. I would prefer to be hidden and invisible.

Stay tuned to see when the hummingbirds will return to my garden.

Photos teach us hiding can be good to feel safe!