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Here are a series of shots of a bumblebee’s sucking nectar and traveling around the flowers. I enjoy examining the bee’s positions in each shot. If this was a video, it would be harder to distinguish the different positions. So it is nice to take a pause to examine how they move.

This musical composition was written to depict the chaotic and rapidly changing flying pattern of the Bumblebee.

Wikipedia’s reference to The Flight of the Bumblebee

YouTube track of The Flight of the Bumblebee

It is pretty amazing how the wings flex in different angles and spread in interesting shapes. I would never have noticed the wing patterns of the bumblebee without these photographs. I used 1/8000 of a second shutter speed to try to freeze the action. The still frames display their remarkable wing span which is unexpected. Seeing the wings span larger for a small creature shows how they can fly in interesting patterns.

The chaotic and rapidly changing flying pattern of the Bumblebee is an analogy of our current times. We live in chaotic times with this pandemic. The rules keep changing of what we should do to keep safe. We are wondering when we qualify to get a vaccine. We were searching to see how as home caregivers to my mother-in-law, it would be possible to get vaccinated. Every vaccine site has different requirements or no requirements. Some of my aunties waited hours on the phone attempting to get an appointment. It is a little maddening trying to figure out how to get a vaccine.

We live in rapid change. It’s been one year since my wife was told in her office to pack up her laptop and work from home. She was concerned about focusing on work from home. But she learned to adapt and enjoy working from home. There is a lot of multi-tasking. But it helps to keep her sharp. Now the surroundings around her office are filled with tents and more homeless people. She’s afraid to return to the office due to the recent Asian assaults. She does not want to walk to the office from the bus. It has not been determined what management will decide about returning to the office. So much has changed during this one pandemic year. It boggles our minds thinking about all the events from the past year.

Crime is on the increase. In our neighborhood at the local grocery, someone tried to carjack a 75 year old woman in the parking lot. On Nextdoor.com, many neighbors regularly report about garage break-ins. It is alarming the number of racial attacks occurring. It is unnerving how we need to keep watching our backs when we go outside.

How do we deal with chaos and the constant change in our world? Do we look a little like this bee?

Maybe the clue is to go after the sweetness. The bee is flying crazy going after her sweet nectar.

In the midst of chaos, can we create sweetness in life?

Recently my aunt passed away unexpectedly. My wife and I went thru my old digital picture files and created a video for my aunt’s family and my relatives. Due to COVID-19, we did not gather for a funeral. So we thought this was a good way to grieve and also give sweetness to the family.

Give and create sweetness for others and yourself!

Photos teach us to change chaos into sweetness!