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This is Opening Day at Oracle Park more than two years ago on April 5, 2019. The SF Giants played the Tampa Bay Rays that day. We are looking forward to when we can go back to baseball games in person this year. This photo was shot after the line-ups were announced and Renel Brooks-Moon, the public address announcer for the San Francisco Giants, was at the podium in front of Home Plate.

We all miss watching live baseball. It has been a long year without a regular baseball season. I wish I shot more photographs at Oracle Park when I was in attendance for a SF Giants game.

My cousin is so generous and thoughtful to invite me to go to games with her. We have a good time enjoying the game and an ice cream sundae. I usually arrive a couple of hours before the game to roam around the stadium and shoot pictures. I am excited about returning to Oracle Park to shoot more photographs.

There is nothing like enjoying a SF Giants baseball game with family and friends. It is a fun time to eat garlic fries and our free soda if we sign the agreement not to drink alcohol. Let’s hope the SF Giants will have a good season.

Hopefully things will progress so this pandemic will end. 2020 was characterized with unexpectant events. 2021 has also started out this way too. But the expedition of providing vaccines is improving. So we hope nothing will stop Opening Day from happening.

Let’s hope we will see Renal Brooks-Moon on Opening Day to announce the 2021 SF Giants. 

It is nice to look back at this picture to remember what life was like once upon a time. We all need pictures to give memories to make us feel good. Opening Day will be different than this picture. The crowd will be minimal due to social distancing. But at least the SF Giants will have fans to cheer them on.

We took it for granted that we could choose to attend any SF Giants Game. We never thought baseball would be shut down due to a pandemic. Let’s be grateful for the good moments in life. We learned life can change suddenly. Activities we thought would always be available – could be taken away from us.

Keep photographs to remember the good moments in life!

Photos teach us to be grateful.