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Candlestick Park looks perfect here. It is perfectly groomed with stripes and plaid patterns. It is a serene site without the fans or players. It is all prepared to welcome everyone and allow them to enjoy the baseball fun. There is much appreciation to the ground keepers and the crew who cleaned, groomed and maintained Candlestick Park. Perhaps many of the fans forgot how much work it took to make Candlestick Park look perfect.

Yes Candlestick Park got old over time. It got tattered and worn. Why do so many fans have such good memories about the Stick? It’s true it became an old worn stadium.

Candlestick Park was perfect because it was accessible to all. I could walk up to the ticket window on game day and just buy a ticket. An affordable ticket could easily be purchased. I did not have to plan weeks in advance to attend a SF Giants game. The Stick made us feel at home. It was comfortable. So all of us could come with family and friends to have a good time together. We grew up at the Stick watching football or baseball. The Stick was always there for us. It was a comforting place to hang out.

During this pandemic, we could not physically be with a lot of family and friends. We learned how to connect via remote meetings via our devices or computer screens. We’ve had a good time with our virtual gatherings. But there is nothing like an actual gathering. Our challenge is to be there for our loved ones to give support. We’ve had family members who were sick and physical health problems. We lost loved ones during this pandemic year. We physically could not give support to our family and relatives. We found ways to compensate. We cooked meals for those who were sick or disabled. We sent cards. We’ve done grocery shopping for others.

Regardless of a pandemic, physical distance naturally separate family, friends and relatives. Physical distance can cause distance in relationships. Adult children want independence and naturally move away. Friends move away to find affordable housing or a new job. Often there is a lack of support when there is physical separation in close relationships.

Personal stress can also cause separation in relationships. There are lots of reasons which separate close relationships, and people are not there for each other. Elderly parents feel alone due to the lack of attention from adult children. This pandemic has taught us how we all need support from others.

Who can we reach out to help whether it is someone in our family or a stranger? Are we a support to our family? Do we seek to find out how members of our family, relatives or friends are doing during this pandemic? Or were we distracted with our personal problems that we cannot see the world around us and the need to love and help.

Remember how Candlestick Park was there for us. Can we be present for someone else? Can we provide support and help to others? Do we seek to convert our care and love into actions of support?

Photos Teach Us to be There!