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We went to Disney World in April 2017 and absolutely loved going there and had a blast. We are longing to go traveling again but will not until we get our COVID-19 vaccine shots. We would love going back to Disney World and Disneyland in the future. Like many, we want to visit the new Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland. We never dreamed Disneyland would be closed like many businesses in 2020. It would be nice to go and visit later this year.

I am fortunate I have these old photographs from Star Tours and Star Wars Launch Bay at Disney World. When my wife saw these old pictures, she loved the colors and the lighting to highlight the characters. She loved the reflections from the shiny animated drone.

The photographs reminds us how we were entertained while standing in line for Star Tours. We repeated this ride to discover the different scenarios of Star Tours. Our goal would be to experience all the scenarios.

I could spend hours in Star Wars Launch Bay shooting photographs of the models and characters. It is amazing to the see the detail and intricacies of the ship and weapon models. I cannot imagine the designing of the models to seem so realistic.

Lighting in these displays are key to reveal the best of these Star Wars objects. When shooting these types of pictures, choosing the correct frame where the light is shining the best to highlight and the shadows are not obtrusive is important. It takes practice to take the ideal shot. Taking lots of photographs is key to getting the best shot.

We all need pictures to highlight the great moments in life. Especially in this pandemic times, these pictures help to remind us about our formal normal lives. They also give us hope of a free pandemic post life when we can return to vacation trips and relaxation away from home.

Keep taking pictures to remember the good and challenging times of life. We all need to spend time experiencing our life thru pictures.

Feel free to send comments if you have photography questions. I would be glad to answer any questions.

Photos Highlight our Good Times!