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This smart Bumblebee is jumping from flower to flower getting her sweet nectar. Jumping can be tricky. No one wants to fall or miss the target. Fortunately, these flowers are close together making jumping easy for the bee. The bee jumps to food that is appealing. The bright flowers are alluring to the bee.

What do we jump to? Do we eye an interesting job for better position and money? Are we craving for a certain food like this bee is craving for nectar? Are we dreaming of moving to a bigger and more affordable home? Do we desire a different lifestyle that would be more fun?

Whatever it is we want to jump to, how can we accomplish the jump without falling and going “splat” in failure? Maybe one plan of strategy is following the example of this bumblebee. Take small jumps first. Create steps to reduce risk to get to your jumping goal.

It is desirable to want to go for it and take a giant leap to jump. Taking a giant leap means you have what it takes to make the jump. My wife worked in a chemistry lab environment. She wanted to jump to do computer programming. She took short jumps by taking a couple of courses in programming. Then she changed jobs to do scripting. Her next jump was to get into a programming job in her company where they trained her in the software application programming. She did not qualify initially for the jump. But she trained to become qualified.

If I had the ambition to run a marathon – (NOT) – I would need to run to build endurance. Due to my physical limitations, I know a leap to a marathon is not a wise jump for me. Our jumps need to be a realistic understanding of our limitations.

Consider what small jumps are possible to get to the desired “Giant” leap.

This pandemic has taught us that life is unpredictable. We need to redeem our time to make changes to improve life.

What will be your next jump?

Photos Teach us how to Jump!