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What looks like search lights in the background are actually my Fan Aloe plant I just purchased at the Sloat Garden Center in San Francisco by the Zoo. The Fan Aloe (Aloe plicatilis) plant will produce orange/red flowers in a couple of years that will be attractive to Hummingbirds. The natural lighting in the yard reflected off of the Fan Aloe plant is showing as white versus the real color of grey/green.

Shooting photographs in natural lighting is the best. If it is a sunny day, I aim to sit in my camouflage clothes in the yard between noon and 3 pm for the best lighting. My desire is to utilize the free sunshine light to highlight the creatures and plants in my photographs. I do not utilize software to brighten or sharpen my photos – thus my website and company name of “untouched”. The positioning of the sunlight to optimize the photograph is key. Shooting quickly and frequently is important to get a good picture. I love to do rapid fire shooting of my camera to increase the chances of getting that perfect picture. Photographing Hummingbirds is tricky as they move very fast, are unpredictable, and can fly in any direction. More than half the pictures I take of them are not usable as they are out of focus or they are out of the frame.

This hummingbird looks pretty classy with the curved left wing shooting to the side and up. It is also interesting how the wing is positioned to the back side position. He is coordinated to control the wings in 2 different positions. I could not be as coordinated to have my arms going in different directions.

Being a photographer makes me a little obsessive about lighting, not just for my photography, but for everything. I want our home to be well lighted for my 100 year old mother-in-law who is our light police. If she sees the light on in an empty room, she will command to turn off that light. I installed motion lights in our interior stairs and entry into our home. Our hallways also have motion lights. I have nightlights in our bathrooms. I make sure the lightbulbs are energy efficient. Having the proper lighting is important. My wife would walk around in the dark previous to our marriage. Now she is happy with all the bright lights. I can even turn on a light from my cellphone.

Let’s utilize bright natural light in our photography and keep the lights on at home!

Photographs remind us to keep the lights bright!