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This is Opening Day at Candlestick Park on April 12, 1993. The SF Giants played the Florida (Miami) Marlins which were an expansion team that started their first season in 1993.

SF Giants Opening Days are exciting. These Fans came early to see the events. It was a bright day at Candlestick Park which was unusual compared to the normal fog.  The cable car with past players was fun to see.

It is interesting to see the banners for advertisements under the bleachers. It’s good that Charles Schwab and Lee are still in business. How many of us still remember “the good guys“? Well I have good memories about “the good guys” since they were my former employer until they went out of business. I worked as a photographer in their advertising department. I enjoyed my job and shooting the different products and promotions for the corporation. It gave me good experience about product photography. I traveled to different stores to photograph special events. It was sad when the corporation closed.

Nevertheless, I also gained lifetime friendships with co-workers from the “the good guys”.  Pre-pandemic, I periodically would meet these good friends to enjoy good food and fun together. We worked in different departments, but shared fun and crazy times together.

A good photograph should trigger us to reflect, remember and ponder. It is easy to rush thru our day to accomplish our to-do list of tasks and forget to sit and reflect. Candlestick Park was a great place where many fans could learn about baseball or football with family and friends. I receive comments from fans who relish those moments at Candlestick Park. When I look at this photo, I feel the excitement of that Opening Day. I reflect about my days working at “the good guys”. I also look forward to new memories to attend a new SF Giants Opening Day as our pandemic restrictions change to allow our attendance at Oracle Park.

Displaying photographs which make us feel happy is important. Create a space to generate happiness and joy. Rotate pictures around the house or during different times of the year to keep happy thoughts. Our space should be comfortable and inspire us to be better and remember past lessons for future success.

Photos give us joy!