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This fearsome looking Bumblebee was preparing to get nectar from flowers in our Blueberry bush. Up close, this Bumblebee looks really scary. But these bumblebees don’t bother you, if you don’t bother them. They buzz around me all the time almost like they are greeting me. Then they go about their business collecting nectar for their hive.

Most people are scared of bees due to their stinger. I never examined bees closely until I started photographing them with my big zoom lens. I never noticed their intricate legs. I did not notice their antennae. I did not see the pair of appendages where they collect nectar. Looking up close shows details that normally are ignored. Seeing this bumblebee up close could be shown in a sci-fi or horror movie.  My wife is easily scared. Getting close to a bee in a movie would probably get a loud scream out of her.

I’ve been hanging with the bees in my backyard. They buzz me, but do not try to hurt or sting me. I remain still while they check me out with their buzzing. If I show aggression or fear, then this will aggravate the bees. Their close up appearance could scare people. Fear of getting stung by a bee is a common feeling. Are our fears always legitimate?

This bee may look pretty scary, but in actuality, we do not need to be as afraid of bees if we are smart to honor their space and leave them alone. In reality, our fears may not be as terrible as we think. When I was younger, I had many insecurities and fears. But I slowly tried to face my fears and realized these fears were not always warranted. It took time to reconcile these fears. 

We can face the “bees” in our life and quietly stand still among them!

Scary photos may not be really that scary!