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Here’s another Gulf Fritillary Butterfly. I’m not sure why I am seeing these butterflies when I’ve not seen them during my years searching for these creatures. This butterfly’s wings are not tattered and worn compared to the first butterfly who flew in earlier in the week. This butterfly’s visit was very brief. I barely had time to photograph these 2 photographs.

When trying to capture a photo of a fast moving creature, there is not much time to fiddle with the camera. For the first picture, my focus was on the bottom center of the butterfly. For the second picture, I focused the lens around the head. So the other parts of the butterfly’s body are not totally focused. I know if I had adjusted other settings on my camera, the butterfly’s picture could have been sharper. But the butterfly would have been long gone by the time I competed the setting adjustments.

Since I’m a little crazy in my fondness of butterflies, it was important for me to photograph this new visitor. I don’t know if it will return or if this same species will return. I had to grab the opportunity to get a few pictures of this butterfly.

No one wants to miss a once in a lifetime opportunity. It can be hard to determine if a missed opportunity will be available again. We do not know what a day will bring. Photographing a memorable moment is important. Each photograph is unique. That captured moment may not happen again. So be quick to not miss any opportunity and grab it. The grab may not be perfect, but it is better than letting it slip away from your grasp.

Photos catch unique moments!