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During this pandemic, we need our comfort foods. One of our comfort foods has been dark chocolate. We love to experiment and try the different brands of Chocolate. I was introduced to Taza Chocolate when I visited by good buddy in the above photograph in the Boston Area. We took the tour of the Taza Factory Store which is currently unavailable due to the pandemic restrictions. Their chocolate manufacturing process is interesting. Their chocolate is not totally smooth but has tiny nuggets of flavor in the bars. The logo on the packaging is the Granite Millstones to grind the cacao nibs for the bars.

We often look for dark Chocolate at Grocery Outlet in our neighborhood. You never know what gourmet treats you will find at a discount. We recently found this organic Taza Chocolate in the store. My wife bought a few bars not remembering I toured the Factory Store and previously tried the chocolate a few years ago. When I saw the bars, it bought back memories of the fun tour I had. Also when I ate the chocolate, I remembered how much I loved the chocolate. So we had to return to Grocery Outlet and purchased more. Since we do not know how long this chocolate will be available in the store, we had to take advantage of the opportunity and buy more at the store near our house. Also we will be sure to share with my buddy when he hopefully visits (after we all are fully vaccinated) later this year.

When we encountered this chocolate recently, I went looking for my old photographs of my tour at the factory store. I relished the good memories of my visit. I remembered the sweet chocolate smells during the tour. I reviewed their process of their chocolate creations in my pictures. It was nice to relive that fun chocolate experience.

By the way, I did not purchase all the Taza chocolate at our local Grocery Outlet. But I did enjoy the good discount compared to purchasing from the website or going to the fancier markets for this chocolate. I am proud of my stash of chocolate for my future comfort.

You can see the different types of Taza Chocolate we purchased from our 2 shopping trips in the top picture. I first tried the 80% dark which is flavorful and not too bitter. The next day I enjoyed the coconut 70% dark chocolate. The coconut flavor couples with the dark chocolate and is subtle in taste. I have not tried the plain 70% dark chocolate which will be next of on my list to try.

We all need comfort distractions to help relieve the stress of these times. I’m thankful that we found this chocolate again to enjoy. I’m also grateful for my photographs to remind me of the chocolate experience I enjoyed with my buddy. These are happy and fun memories to ease the daily stress.

Sweets and pictures are a good combination. Keep searching for good comfort food to enjoy with photographs to remind us of happy times. Keep creating happy times with food and shoot pictures to remember.

Photographs ease stress with comfort food!