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After I watered my potted Avocado plants, I noticed this Honeybee taking a drink of the water that came out from the bottom of the pot. It was a sunny and warm day, and this Honeybee was thirsty. She came by a few times to take a sip of water before the water evaporated off the concrete in our backyard.

Notice the intricate wings. The veins in the wing resemble tree branches. It is pretty interesting to see the honeybee suck up the water. The wings look so fragile, yet they are quite strong to fly quickly and efficiently. The wings’ appearance is deceiving. The honeybees fly quickly and travel great distances for a small creature.

We can all relate to being thirsty like this bee. Especially during this pandemic, many of us have found new drinks to entertain ourselves. I’ve become our local coffee barista at home. An electric coffee maker was our former choice to brew our morning beverage. When it broke, a decision had to be made what to purchase next.

We do like making cold brew, since the flavor is intense with less acid. We especially enjoy Philz Coffee as our choice for making cold brew. We have a big cannister to make cold brew in addition to individual tall cylinder glass containers to allow the coarse grounds to sit and slowly brew the coffee.

Having a hot cup of coffee in the morning is also good. My wife reminisced how her mom would brew coffee on the stovetop each morning for her dad. Brewing coffee on the stove top is a contraption that will not break like an electric coffee maker. I investigated this idea. I decided to buy this Farberware Stainless Steel Stove top Percolator from Amazon. I love this percolator. It does take a little more time to brew coffee. But the flavor is mellow and different than the old electric coffee maker. An electric coffee maker makes a quick cup of Joe. But taking a slower method to brew does give taste benefits.

Have you found a new thirst quencher during this pandemic? Our new drink choice is to use a bunch of meyer lemons from our garden and add to our pitcher with a center reservoir for the fruit. We add water and plan to use fresh mint with the lemons for a healthy easy drink.

This bee needed hydration and comfort. We all need this during our pandemic life. We’ve learned new ways to create drinks at home to give comfort and help us relax.

Identifying with this bee and his thirsty needs reminds us to enjoy our drinks and feel comforted. Hope the bee’s drinking will help encourage others to find new drinks for entertainment and comfort.

Photos reminds us to be comforted with good drinks!