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It is hard to see all the intricacies of a bumblebee’s movement while sitting and watching due its size and speed. Thanks to the speed of my Canon digital camera, I can quickly shoot the different bee positions to examine how this bee moved as it was going around my Spanish Lavender flowers. Watching the wings whip around is fascinating. See the bee’s fuzz on her body makes the bee seem a little cuddly. It’s a kick to see the legs with little “M” feet.

I’ve been trying to access which flowers the bees are more attracted to. Last summer, I noticed a lot of bees buzzing around the Sloat Garden Center nursery as I was looking for plants. Today was a very warm and sunny day in the Bay Area. We went out early to the nursery to see if we could see any bees at the nursery center. They were not buzzing around a lot. My plan was to see which flowers the bees would go to at the nursery. Then I would purchase those plants.

At the nursery, it is helpful to see all the perennial flowers labeled to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. But I would like to know the top flowers that bring in these creatures in my particular location. I was a little disappointed that we did not see many bees today at the nursery. But my wife did spot a Honeybee lingering on a yellow daisy like flower. The plant is labelled, Bidens Pop Star. The bee went to a few of these flowers, and my wife called me to observe. As per my plan, I did purchase this plant from the Sloat Garden Center to put in our yard.

Let’s see how the new flowers do in attracting more bees to my yard. It will be exciting to see if my plan to follow the Honeybee buzzing around the nursery at the Sloat Garden Center will work. Be sure to stay tuned to see the results of my experiment.

Let’s hope we all can experience more freedom in 2021 to buzz around without any fears from our pandemic or racial injustice.

Photos remind us about freedom!