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I spotted this Honeybee yesterday buzzing around our Spanish Lavender plant. We have purchased a few of them from the Sloat Garden Center and Costco. I have not see the Bumblebees or Hummingbirds much this past week. Hopefully they will come a lot more often later this Spring. I miss not seeing the bumblebees and hummingbirds in the yard. I keep attempting to analyze and figure out what I can do to bring them back. Do I need brighter flowers? Is it too noisy in the neighborhood, and therefore they are staying away?

One reminder I am learning is how to prepare for guests whether human or other life. I do miss not being with family, relatives and friends for gatherings and enjoying a good meal together. We’ve only eaten with a handful of people for over a year. Mother’s Day will be the first larger gathering we will have with vaccinated family and relatives in an outdoor setting.

A goal during the pandemic was to declutter which is an ongoing struggle. We’ve made a little progress but still have a mountain to climb to accomplish. Whenever we should welcome guests into the house, we do have a little work to do to tidy up and throw away.

Even as we plan for our future Mother’s Day potluck celebration at my cousin’s home, my wife wants to prepare separate packaged portions of food just to be safe. She will probably have little bags of cookies and covered containers of Asian noodles with vegetables. Guests can just pick up a package or a container without risks of any contamination from individuals.

We’ve been blessed with a large circle of “our” people. Not only do we need to welcome back guests with physical food and comfort, but we can welcome others with our demeanor. If I am in a “bad” mood, no one would want to be around me. We can feel good or bad vibes from people. People can sense our genuine concern. Hopefully, we did not totally isolate ourselves that we forgot how to show genuine care for others even in SIP.

As we prepare for Easter, how will we celebrate Christ’s resurrection? Will we celebrate “He is Risen” and show His Love to others who may not understand this sacrifice. If you are not meeting with others due to the pandemic, can you still share a meal together remotely?

We’ve been supplying my parents with holiday meals even though we are not quite ready to eat together. We realize they enjoy a change from their routine cooking. Tomorrow’s resurrection meal will be a Ham and Asparagus.

We look forward to welcoming all creation in spirit and in truth!

Photos help reflection!