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We purchased this plant from the Sloat Garden Center in the late Fall of 2020, and it is really starting to spread out and grow. So far it has not attracted any bees or butterflies, but hopefully it will attract them later in the spring and summer. I’m trying to figure out if color matters to attract these creatures.

The Hummingbirds and Bumblebees have been camera shy the past few weeks. I have seen the Hummingbirds while gardening without my camera. But when I bring my camera out to take pictures of them, they disappear.

How many of us are camera shy? Unfortunately and tragically, some have died over getting the perfect selfie in a dangerous scenic location. I rarely take selfies. We’ve only taken selfies while on vacation by ourselves. We wanted to remember a moment and wanted our selfie. You can tell from my website, my face is not too visible.

I probably was photographed the most when I got married. I did not mind all the pictures, since it was one the most happiest moments of my life. I wanted to remember every moment. To be photogenic, an individual needs to be relaxed and genuine. When you look at our pictures, it is easy to see individuals who look uncomfortable, and their pictures did not turn out good.

Maybe those who are camera shy are a minority. But if you are in this minority, try to reflect why there is the feeling of insecurity which gives the funny expressions in your pictures. When I was younger, I was uncomfortable with myself for various reasons. As I matured, I’ve learned to overcome some of the insecurities. By no means, I still have insecurities. But I’ve learned to relax in front of the camera, as I’ve learned to be more comfortable with me.

When I figure why they hummingbirds and bumblebees are being shy to get photographed, I will be sure to report this revelation.

If you are camera shy, determine what factors bring uncomfortable feelings. Let go of the insecurities to enjoy a better selfie.

Photos of ourselves reveal who we are.