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California Pyrausta Moth – Pyrausta californiacalis

The Hummingbirds and Bumblebees are taking their spring break from showing up in front of my camera lens. In the meantime, I photograph whatever else shows up in the garden. This moth, which was about half an inch wide, showed up a few days ago. I did not know what kind of moth it was, but it caught me eye.

Usually the moths flying in the house are mostly beige or gray in color. They are not too interesting. My wife wants them out of the house so they do not eat her wool clothing. So I do have a bug bazooka to catch these flying insects in the house.

This moth is so colorful with it’s wing pattern. I’ve never seen a moth like this one. The pink, oranges and dark gray colors are unique in the design. It is interesting how symmetrical the pattern is for the 2 wings. The bright colors make this moth unique. This moth look like a California Pyrausta Moth

Apparently, this moth likes mint as per the Bug Squad at University of California. There is an abundance of mint in my yard. This leaf is on my meyer lemon tree. So maybe this moth wanted a 2 course meal.

How do we recognize uniqueness? All life entities possess unique characteristics. Often we look for visible or obviously characteristics to notice uniqueness. Just like this moth’s brightness highlights its unique outward appearance. It is easy to look on the outward appearance to find uniqueness. Outward appearances deteriorate and change with age. Look at my other blog posts for the butterfly with the tattered wings. I was naturally attracted to the bright colors of this moth.

As a photographer, I do tend to look at outer appearances, since that’s what I do. Personally, I avoid bright colors. I do not want to stand out and prefer to be hidden. My unique talent is seeking the obvious and the hidden qualities in the objects or living things I photograph.

Perhaps, this moth was enjoying the taste of the meyer lemon leaf versus the mint leaves in my yard. That’s a secret I will keep looking to reveal if this is true.

Our challenge should be to appreciate the hidden unique qualities of each other. Do we take time to see how the people in our life are not just changing outwardly but also inwardly? Have they changed their tastes in food from a minty flavor to lemon perhaps like this moth?

Do we compliment those for their hidden unique qualities or do we take their uniqueness for granted?

Appreciate the hidden and unique qualities of those around us!

Photos remind all are individually unique!