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It was good to see some new smaller Bumblebees back in the garden this afternoon. She was about 3/4 the size of the Bumblebees I saw last week. This one landed and sipped some nectar from our Meyers Lemon Tree flowers. Smaller bumblebees can be the worker bees. Apparently worker bees come in different sizes.

Enjoying pandemic life, by photographing visitors in my backyard, is a discovery experience. I’ve been discouraged that the hummingbirds show up in the yard when I am not packing my big zoom lens. The bigger bumblebees seem to be off on vacation. Then out of the blue, the interesting moth (See in the previous blog) made an appearance. Lately, these smaller bumblebees are visiting.

Watching this worker bee flying from flower to flower reminds us about the importance of working hard. These bees do not stop for any coffee break. They constantly move to collect nectar to feed themselves, so they have energy to work. They also bring back nectar back to their hive family. These bees are not self-seeking, but are focused on their collective group. They give everything they’ve got and more.

These bees are good role models to remind us to be there for our collective group of family, friends and relatives. The bumblebees regularly contribute and help their hive family. When we were teenagers, were we accustomed to being with our parents but not really listening or helping our family unless we were compelled to do so? Did we often just nod our heads while ignoring the lectures? As we grew older, are there times that we are present with our family, but not really involved?

We try to be involved especially in our parents’ lives. All of us can think of examples where individuals may be physically together but not involved or helpful with others in their collective. In families, there are members who contribute more to help, while other members are minimally involved to assist. Consider the walls which stop involvement. Can they be torn down?

These bumblebees remind us to keep busy as bees to help. If an individual feels they contribute more than other members and is frustrated, what is the answer? Perhaps the answer is in following the bee’s example. It’s not about what is fair. Life is not fair or equitable. Life is giving expecting nothing back in return. That is a hard principle to grasp. By serving our collectives, hopefully we will eventually influence other individuals to help and assist. Actions speak louder than words. It is a nice dream to hope for a collective like the bees where everyone contributes. The bees do not expect anything in return and are just dedicated to their duty.

Worker bees remind us to keep working to serve.

Photos inspire selfless service.