Candlestick Park Photographs – Art Prints

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6 thoughts on “Candlestick Park Photographs – Art Prints”

  1. Tony, So proud of you! Beautiful shots. Remember us when your famous :o) God has blessed you greatly! ((hugs)) – joyce & al yee


  2. Hi I’m interested in opening day 1993 photos — I was in the parade but don’t have photos of my own. Pls contact me. Thank you. You are so talented!


    • Sorry Barb that we did not reply sooner to you. I am Kathy and my husband – Tony – is the photographer who has a huge collection of Candlestick Park photos. I will let him know you are interested in 1993 Opening Day. He can post something in his Blog, and we can let you know. btw…we have some photos for sale on Etsy
      If you are in the San Franscisco Bay Area and wish to purchase any of our photographs, we could also meet to deliver i.e. the State Building by San Francisco City Hall – then there would be no shipping charges. Sorry we did not see your comment sooner.


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