Blue Shadow Trees are cool to wear as Magnet Pins


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Blue Shadow Aspen Tree Forest

When we went to visit Aspen, Colorado last October, we were disappointed we missed the peak of their fall foliage.  We have a “thing” about visiting different locations to capture the peak of fall foliage.

But instead, we learned the bare aspen trees were very cool.  The shadows of the Aspen tree forest with the sunlight made the trees look blue.  We became facinated with these Aspen trees as we hiked and took the different photographs.

When you take so many photographs of pretty scenery, what do we do to remember these unique images?  You make cool magnet pins to wear and share with anyone who will notice you wearing them.  Wearing scenes from Nature is fun!

Below is an “unbiased” opinion about our Blue Tree Aspen Forest Magnet Pin.  Hope you enjoy the video.  Also you can buy this pin on this website or from our Etsy Store at the below link.

Wearing Blue Trees is Cool Video

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What do I do with a Scenic Magnetic Pin? See Our Demo Video!


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Fall Foliage from Ontario, Canada

Willie Mays “24” from Candlestick Park

We created a video to demonstrate how to wear our Scenic Magnetic Pins.  We are making Magnet Pins from our different photographs!  It is fun to wear pretty scenes to match our outfits and to accessorize.  The pins have a protective coating which also give a texture effect.

Scenic Photographs can improve our moods and inspire us in different ways.  This is why we are creating scenic magnetic pins to inspire style and help us appreciate nature or even the San Francisco Giants.  The above Willie Mays Pin is a photograph taken from over 25 years ago at Candlestick Park.  For Sport Fans, this is a cool pin to wear to remember Willie Mays’ great talent in baseball.

Let’s create a new style trend by wearing Scenic Magnetic Pins.

Please look at our YouTube Video at the below link.  You can also look at our tab on this website to see our Pins which can also be ordered at this url.  Or you can purchase these pins at the below link for our Etsy Shop.

YouTube Scenic Magnetic Pin Demo 

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The End can be cold at Glacier National Park



We visited Glacier National Park in Montana and enjoyed the stroll with the lovely scenery! This is located in Montana’s Rocky Mountains and runs into the Canadian border. The glaciers at the side of the mountain give an interesting perspective to this picture. These remnant glaciers are from around 10,000 years in the past. It was an awesome site!

This photograph reminds me how we may start out our path in life surrounded by green fields. Then as we progress down the path of life, we encounter some cold and uncomfortable conditions.

How can we survive in the cold and uncomfortable life situations?

We can survive with the support of our family and friend and knowing the cold cannot last forever.

Conditions can be temporary if we are willing to fight to get out of the cold!

Source: The End can be cold at Glacier National Park



What are Magnetic Photo Pins?



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We posted a short commercial about our Magnetic Photo Pins we are selling on this website or on Etsy.

The magnet is super strong to attach to your work backpack, a jacket, SF Giants cap or whatever you want!

The photos are from Candlestick Park Retired Players Wooden disks that were displayed in the stadium.  Tony has made these “Pins” from his photographs.  They are coated so there is a paint-like texture on top of the “Pin”.  They are much easier to wear than a regular pin!

Also enjoy Nature by wearing “Trees” or Scenery!

Get ready for baseball season with these baseball pins!



Who is this little boy at Candlestick Park?


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This photograph was taken by Tony in 1988. This is the retired number “24” of the great Willie Mays from Candlestick Park. Tony took the photograph of the little boy to show the size of round disk in comparison to the boy’s size.

We posted this photograph on Twitter and @ChrisBabcock2 responded with the opinion – this is Tom Brady!We googled to see younger photographs of Tom Brady, and it does look like him.

We are seeking to get verification if this photograph is truly Tom Brady – the quarterback of the New England Patriots who has won 5 Super Bowls.

This incidents reminds us that we should always take lots of photographs. You never know what kind of memories, people, scenes, or objects you will capture. Especially with digital photography, there are no limits to the quantity of pictures you can take. Once a moment passes, it will never come back again. Regardless who the boy is in this picture, the photo captures a boy’s excitement of being at Candlestick Park to watch a San Francisco Giants game!

Lastly can anyone confirm if this boy is Tom Brady?

Source: Who is this little boy at Candlestick Park?

Michigan Pigs


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We had a fun time watching these pigs on a farm in Michigan. These pigs were at the Reindeer Farm in Michigan.These pigs were very cute. They hung out together as they were busy eating.It is always fun to eat with company. When you watch pigs eat, they don’t interact with each other too much since they are focused on eating. But they are together due to their focus on the food.

This reminds me how it is important to gather together to eat with family and friends.

We enjoy cooking at home for family and friends. It gives us time to interact and continue to build our relationships. It is good to go out to a restaurant, since it is easier. But there is a certain intimacy when eating a home-cooked meal. There are not strangers around as in a restaurant. It is more relaxed. We love being generous with healthy food. A home cooked meal draws us closer together.

Sharing food as well as sharing our lives is important to take time to do in the midst of our fast culture. So let’s eat like “pigs” by gathering together around the food!

Source: Michigan Pigs

How tall are these trees at Lake Moraine in the Canadian Rockies?


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Here’s another photograph from the Canadian Rockies.

I was looking at these tree tops at the side of the lake. From this photograph, we don’t know how tall these trees actually are. I first thought they were short. Then I realized their size is hidden since I don’t know how far down they extend on the slope.

Our society is obsessed with size. Too big or large versus too skinny or small. Why do some people feel they have to comment about someone’s body size or even a body part size? Yes we have opinions. But do we have to be rude to tell everyone this type of opinion. Does it really matter about how big someone’s hair is, or how bald a person is?

Size does not matter! No matter what the size these trees are, they are pretty and have a wonderful green color. Can we just appreciate people as they are? Can we also accept ourselves as we are? If there is something about ourselves we cannot change, let’s just embrace it, and be thankful!

Source: How tall are these trees at Lake Moraine in the Canadian Rockies

True Reflections at Moraine Lake


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Source: True Reflections at Moraine

Tony took this photograph during our trip to the Canadian Rockies.  The scenery was so pretty, when we visited in the summer.

We always love blue colors.  The reflection in Moraine Lake from the mountains and the blue sky is breath-taking.

Moraine Lake is a glacially fed lake in Banff National Park in outside of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

This reflection shows the true beauty of this scene.  It is a pretty clear reflection.

Don’t we all like to take a look at our reflections in the mirror.  But do we really see ourselves as others see us?  It is hard to truly know how others see us.  We may not want to face the reality of how we act or who we really are.

Do you want to know how others see you?  If you do, inquire with your close family or friends to find out how they see you.  Then see if this matches your own self-perception.  Could be scary…..

Rocketship at AT&T Park?


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Does anyone recognize what this is from AT&T Park where the San Francisco Giants play baseball?

This is the Coca Cola slide where children can play and enjoy.  While sitting in the stadium, the Coca Cola slide can be seen from anywhere, unless your seat is in front of the slide.  Unfortunately, we have never tried the slide, since it would be embarrassing if we got stuck or broke it due to our size.

This photograph does give the appearance of a rocket-ship or contraction that is about to launch.

This picture reminds me if we only see a certain perspective of a situation, we may not see the entire reality and truth.  If you see the entire picture of the Coca Cola slide, it give clarity of how this above portion fits in the Coke Bottle.  I need to remind myself to find out all the facts for a scenario before passing judgement.

Otherwise, we could make an incorrect judgement based on seeing a part instead of the whole picture.

Source: Rocketship at AT&T Park?

Lingering Fragrance

Tony took this flower photograph in Hawaii which is one of our favorite places.

Valentine’s Day is coming!  Flowers will be bought and delivered to express emotions of “Love”.  This is probably one of the busiest times for florists.Unfortunately, flowers are temporary.  They die.  But with a picture we can remember them at their peak of perfection and beauty.  This is one reason why we love photographs.  They can capture moments in time to remember after the physical object or person is gone.  When we look at this photograph, we can remember this flower, and it’s lingering fragrance.

When we encounter people whether on a personal, business or chance encounter, what is the impression we leave behind?  Do we make other people feel comfortable?  Did we encourage someone who was going through a problem?  Can we patiently listen to someone?

Or are we too busy with our business?  Do I give the impression that it is all about me?

Lastly, can we leave a lingering fragrance with others that is sweet so they were glad they encountered us.  Were they better in some way after being with us?

Source: Lingering Fragrance