How to enjoy Filoli Gardens, Woodside, CA


I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at Filoli Gardens in Woodside, California. On April 3, 2019,my friends invited me to this garden for lunch and to shoot pictures for an early surprise birthday celebration. We’ve been busy with a variety of tasks at home, and it has been a while since I went out to shoot pictures. Spending time with my friends to chat, eat and shoot pictures was just what I needed.

It was mostly overcast that day, and there was some light rain. The colors of the flowers were saturated as the lighting was even and low contrast because of the overcast skies. Many photographers enjoy shooting with overcast skies due to the good light benefits with color.

The first photo was shot with my wide angle lens. The contrast in color with the bright tulips and the lavender little flowers caught my eye. Also the background pink tree provides a variety of colors.

The second photograph was shot with my macro lens. The bright orange with the streaks of red in the petals is striking. My wife would not notice the pattern of colors just normally looking at the flower. But up close, the pattern details of the flowers are very interesting.

This was my first time at Filoli Gardens. Even though I live in the Bay Area, I never took time to visit this vast estate. My friend’s grandfather was the chef at this estate. So my friend has good memories of swimming in the pool as a child. I’m glad my friends have sentimental memories of this estate where their grandfather worked to earn a living for their family. It is nice the gardens are available for us to visit.

Every year, this garden has special displays for Mother’s Day with a special meal. This garden is a wonderful place to spend time with friends and family. I know I could have spent even more time examining the flowers and shooting pictures. If you don’t know where to take your mother on Mother’s Day, consider going to Filoli Gardens.

Link to Filoli Gardens’ website

Lastly, to answer the question in the title – How to enjoy Filoli Gardens? One can enjoy the gardens by strolling around the grounds with family and/or friends. Use your camera or cellphone to take lots of pictures. Pictures will help you to notice the details of patterns and colors in the flowers and the arrangement of plants in the gardens. Slowing down to look at the variety of flowers is relaxing as well as spending quality time with those you love. My friends periodically return to the garden since they love the flowers and the memories of visiting when they were children.

Please stay tuned to see more photographs of my Filoli Gardens visit.


SF Giants Home Opener at Oracle Park, April 5, 2019


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It was great being at the SF Giants Home Opening Game on April 5, 2019. It has been a while since I attended a home opening game.

I am fortunate my cousin invites me to attend games with her, otherwise I would not have gone. Going to the SF Giants games gives an excuse to hang out together.

This was an extra special home opening game, since it is the last time Bruce Bochy will be there as the manager. Watching him throw the pitch was indeed a special moment.

As is my custom, I arrived at the new Oracle Park before noon to roam around the stadium to shoot photographs. You can see my cousin purchased good seats behind home base.

I brought my Canon lenses – 16-35mm wide angle lens to get a good view of the entire field and the bay. I also used my 100-400mm zoom lens to get some closer shots of Bruce Bochy.

Even though the Giants lost to the Rays, I still enjoyed photographing the stadium and celebrating Bruce Bochy’s past accomplishments with the team.

Winning is important. But it is also important to celebrate a good manager and leader. Our expectation of any leader’s ability should be to give their all in their performance. We cannot expect 100% perfection. But we can be thankful to witness a leader’s passion and endurance to teach and train their players. Bruce Bochy has been a great leader and manager. I personally would like to thank Bruce Bochy for his dedication to the SF Giants and his ability to inspire the players and the fans.

Go Giants!

Chalking AT&T Park’s Foul Line and Batter’s Box


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I shot this photo on 5/4/2015 at AT&T Park. It is interesting to see how these professionals are marking the foul line and batter’s box. Precision is important in drawing the 2 batter’s boxes. We know if the batter is not in the correct position in the box, he will be out.

In life, there are lessons we can learn about staying within the boundaries of our batter’s box. Our desire to hit a home run should overrule our rebellious spirit to step out of the box.

Do we have a clear picture of the goals in our life? Do we want to hit a series of home runs in life to succeed? If we have honorable goals, let’s live according to the batter’s box regulations to hit a series of home runs.

Photos remind us of valuable lessons!

Sweeping View at AT&T Park in San Francisco


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Welcome to the upper deck down the left field line at AT&T Park. This photograph was taken in April 2016. The ballpark’s name has been changed to Oracle Park.

There is nothing like standing on the top and looking at the view of the whole ballpark! I do have a fear of heights, so I have to be careful walking around and looking down.

Looking down, we get a perfect view of the entire field and stadium. We can see the San Francisco Bay. We get a good view of the bulk of the seats in the ballpark. So there is an advantage to being up high to see the panoramic view below. Being high (physically) is always a good location for photography.

Finding the ideal location to take good photos can be like hunting for treasure. A good photographer’s goal is to showcase a scene at it’s best. The scene can look better in a photo, than when you actually look at the scene in reality.

My goal will be to see how I can show off AT&T Park now known as Oracle Park at it’s best! I am excited to be going to the San Francisco Giants Home Opening game. So stay tuned to see the stadium art at Oracle Park.

LED Light Show


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As a photographer, I have a fascination with lights. Perfect lighting can provide the necessary factor for a great photo.

I went to the lower box seats down the right field line at AT&T Park (Oracle Park) to be under the LED advertisement signs. I used my wide angle zoom lens to get up close to the lights for the photos.

When we are in our seats looking at the ads, we see the entirety of the image and words projected.

The above photos shows how the individual LED lights and colors are put together for the advertisement image.

We do not usually think about how the individual lights contribute to the final outcome.

The same is true in life. How do we as individuals contribute to reach an (hopefully good) outcome? Do I have a light which contributes to a good purpose in life?

The Old AT&T Park


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Here are some photographs of AT&T Park from 3 different games.

As is my practice, I arrived early and roamed about the stadium looking for different views of the stadium.

I love going to the top and shooting the entire stadium! It is nice to see the view down to the Bay and the entirety of the ballpark.

I also shot from the left side from the bleacher area.

You can see this is the old scoreboard at AT&T Park. I am going to the SF Giants Home Opening Day on April 5, 2019. I will be shooting the new scoreboard which is 3 times larger than this old one.

I am looking forward to seeing this new scoreboard! Bigger will be better.

The view from the top will be the same. But with the bigger scoreboard, it will be easier to see from the top of the stadium.

Stay tuned to see my photos from the new Oracle Park! Hopefully the new name will eventually grow on me.

Where can we find a Candlestick Park Chair?


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Do you wonder where did all the Candlestick Park Chairs go after the demolition?

We know some fortunate fans who bought chairs to keep as mementos. They are available for sale from $599.99 to $689.99 for a pair.

But if you do not want to invest to purchase or you do not have space for the chairs, we found the chairs at AT&T Park (Oracle Park) last year. They were located at the back north east corner behind the center field scoreboard. Chairs from 19 to 22 from row W are available for sitting and dreaming that you are back at Candlestick Park.

These chairs show their age. But they are still strong enough to endure all the fans who still need to try out these old chairs.

I plan to go to Oracle Park for the San Francisco Giants Home Opening Day game on April 5, 2019. I will be sure to check if the chairs are still there. I hope the new park’s management did not remove the chairs.

I’m glad even though these chairs may be scratched up and aged, they are still functional and can remind us of our past sitting at Candlestick Park. We need mementos to remind us how we grew up at Candlestick Park watching the SF Giants win and lose. We spent precious moments with our families and friends. These chairs remind us to continue to make time to sit with our loved ones and watch the SF Giants or the 49ers. The games are great excuse for us to be with those who are important to us.

If you want to remember the chairs when they glowed in the sun, please hit the link below to see other photos of Candlestick Park chairs.

Candlestick Park Chair Photos

What is Real?


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Why untouchedtcphotos? Why did I choose such a long name for our domain and business?

Once upon a time, I was searching for a major and college to attend. Academics did not come easily for me. I did not think I excelled in any subject.

I attended the College of San Mateo to do my undergraduate studies. When I went to visit China with my grandparents and relatives, I started taking photographs. It was fun and I tried to take as many photos I could though I was limited by the number rolls of film I had.

At the College of San Mateo, I had some great instructors – who taught me a lot. It was a turning point for me. I decided to enroll in the Academy of Art to get a degree in Fine Art Photography.

I also found a place where I could spend endless hours taking photos — Candlestick Park. You may have noticed my display of Candlestick Park photos on my blog.

But why “untouched”. Well we live in a world where it is hard to discern what is real and true. Are our news broadcasts projecting truth? What is the real color of someone’s hair? Do we even understand what is true in our individual circumstances. I think often we can be blind to our problems and short comings. We prefer to be the camel with our head in the sand.

I would like to show photos which are real. The color is as true as the quality of the camera and lens. I do not wish to “brighten” or “enhance” the pictures. I do remove the dust marks from my scanned Candlestick Park photos. I hope my skills as a photographer will improve to show you images which are true to the moment in time I shot the pictures.

This is a challenge for each of us to be genuine and real. Let’s not put up a false facade. Can we be transparent? Can we be “real”?

By the way, the “tc” in the domain name is for “Tony Chan”. I think the “photos” part of the name is obvious.

Let’s be real!

Candlestick Park Opening Day – Part 3


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This is the 3rd post of the SF Giants Opening Day in 1993 at Candlestick Park.  I gathered my photographs of this day at the request of a fan who was at this game and also in the pre-game parade. 

You may wonder how I could have shot so many photographs of this day or of Candlestick Park. 

Why is Candlestick Park so special? For me it represents the beginning of finding my passion in finding art at this baseball stadium. I grew up at the Stick watching the Giants play ball. It was a great place to be with family and friends while enjoying baseball. It was easily accessible. We did not have to spend lots of money to have a good time. 

For many fans, Candlestick Park was a special place where they grew up. It was a place where dads and moms took their sons and daughters to watch the SF Giants and explained the game of baseball.  The Stick was the location for family gatherings to share their love of baseball.  Friends gathered together and spent quality time together.

For many old SF Giants fans, Candlestick Park brought together families and friends to build stronger bonds and spend quality time together. 

Even though the Stick is gone, the memories hopefully can be remembered when we review these photographs.

More Candlestick Park Opening Day, April 12, 1993


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Here are more photographs from Opening Day at Candlestick Park in 1993.

You can see I got there pretty early before the game, since there are a few pictures where there are lots of empty seats. I get into my “groove” of shooting photographs when the stadium was empty, and I could freely roam to take different views of the park.

It was easy access to go to any SF Giants game, since tickets were inexpensive. Therefore, I could spend hours enjoying all the different perspectives of the stadium.

It is amazing how so many fans in the Bay Area have special memories and place in their heart for this old former stadium.

One fan has special memories of this particular opening day. So I am posting more photographs of this day. I still have more so stay tuned. Good memories are important to keep and cherish. What are your special Candlestick Park memories?