From the Upper Deck to Being on the Field during Fuji Photo Day at Candlestick Park


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Fuji Photo Day was one of my favorite promotions the SF Giants had at Candlestick Park. These pictures were taken back on Saturday, May 14, 1988, when the Giants played the Mets. This was back in the days when there were no digital cameras, and I shot with 35mm color film.

These pictures provide 3 levels of perspective of the field at Candlestick Park – looking from the top, overview behind home plate, and directly looking at the grass.

One of the things I loved about the Fuji Photo Days was being allowed to walk on the field. When we are allowed to be on the field at Oracle Park, I love to walk on a well groomed baseball field. I get really excited to be on the SF Giants playing field. Whenever I had an opportunity to walk on the field at Candlestick or Oracle Park, I touched the grass with my hands. It was also nice to sit on the grass to feel the softness of world class natural turf.

We can learn how to approach personal problems from the 3 levels as seen in these photos.

  1. View a problem from a broader perspective. Analyze the total effect of a problem.
  2. Narrow down to see various effects of a problem.
  3. Get up close to see one part of the problem

Let me translate this approach.

When I was mugged while shooting the demolition of Candlestick Park, I experienced anger, frustration, and bitterness.

  1. So I examined my past to see where my problem originated to get the broader perspective. These feelings originated from childhood bullying experiences.
  2. The effects of the problem continue to haunt me when I feel I am treated unjustly.
  3. Getting up close to find a solution revolves on my desire to replace the anger with peace via prayer and surrender.

Candlestick Park is not just a baseball stadium. It continues to show me life solutions are possible when we examine ourselves at all levels.

Find photos to inspire!

Red Chairs From Candlestick Park to Oracle Park


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Everyone loves the iconic red and orange seats from Candlestick Park. Whether you prefer red or orange, you can purchase the stadium seat from $599.99 to $689.99. I actually purchased just the seat portion and not the whole chair for a reasonable price. It would take a miracle for my wife to allow me to ever purchase the whole chair.

Since I cannot actually own one of these old chairs, I’m so glad I can sit on one in Oracle Park. It is so cool we can visit these stadium chairs behind the Centerfield Scoreboard at Oracle Park. The chairs are a little aged and old. But are still functional and bring back good memories.

These chairs are one of the few mementos left from the Stick. Many of us share good memories from watching the SF Giants and the 49ers at this stadium. We spent precious moments with friends and family enjoying baseball and football. It is important to preserve these warm feelings to remind us of our past.

Thank you Oracle Park for keeping these old chairs to remind us about our times at The Stick.

I love my old stadium pictures of these chairs. I love how they glowed with the sun shining on the bright colors. The warm glow made them look even more special.

We need to see and keep the old photographs from the past to remind us where we came from. The pictures remind me of the person I was when I first started shooting photographs.

Think about your good memories when you attended sporting events at Candlestick Park. Who were you then? And how have you changed and grown to be who you are today? Are you happy with who you are today compared to the person of your past?

Keep the good memories from Candlestick Park!

Sweeping view from the Candlestick Park General Reserve Area


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I was in the (Bleacher Seat) area at the General Reserve Area at Candlestick Park on a clear afternoon for a day game in 1988. I took this photograph in front of the big center field TV camera. Being up at an angle does provided a good view of the entire field.

It is a good strategy to take photographs where the TV cameras are located at any stadium. The cameras are positioned at good spots for a good reason.

This also was a perfect day at Candlestick Park. No clouds were in the sky. I probably took this photo around noon before an SF Giants day game. The sky was perfectly blue. The lighting was perfect.

Position and timing to get perfect light and conditions are key to taking a good photo. The same could be said about life. Being at the right place at the right time is a nice thing. For example, my wife got her present job at the right time to be able to earn our lifetime medical benefits upon retirement with a minimal 10 years of working. She happened to be at the right job at the right time before the benefit was taken away.

Looking for good opportunities can be key in being at the right place at the right time. Nobody has a magic ball to tell what tomorrow will be. When my wife had to find a new job, it turned out to be beneficial for both us which was very fortuitous. It paved the way to be a little adventurous to share my photographs via this blog and with an Etsy store.

We are still searching for opportunities and learning to see how we can position ourselves on this journey to share our photographs, and how to inspire others in their life journeys with pictures.

Photos Inspire!


Twilight at Candlestick Park in 1989


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I always enjoyed going early before a night game at Candlestick Park. It was relaxing to watch batting practice and watch as the stadium lights started to take their effect lighting the field. The winds were more calm that later in the night.

The Aspen glow from the sky along with the stadium lights created a nice even glow on the field and the stadium. My wife asked me what is the Aspen glow. It is defined as the glow on the mountaintop at dawn and dusk. But in my opinion, I also see this glow in Candlestick Park. This twilight made the colors on the field and in the chairs seem to be deeper and richer in tone.

What makes you glow? My photography experience at Candlestick Park made me glow. My photos from the Stick show my perspective of stadium art. Roaming around Candlestick Park allowed me to see the stadium differently. I appreciated the architecture of the structure. I loved the retired players discs on the fields. I loved the lights on the centerfield scoreboard. Candlestick Park brought out the artist in me.

It taught me how to look for the art in a place I loved – Candlestick Park.

Higher Ground at Candlestick Park in 1989


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It was great climbing up high at Candlestick Park before a SF Giants game and looking down at the field.  I loved going early before a game and avoid the crowd to freely roam around the stadium. I do not enjoy crowds, so it was fun to enjoy the Stick before the fans arrived.

Looking down from the high advantage point to see the entirety of the stadium is always a great way to shoot no matter what you are aiming to capture. I always like the plaid and stripe patterns on the field. The classic red chairs were always a favorite of mine.

This is a good reminder how we all need to get to higher ground and look at the entirety of our life. Can we reflect to see the wide spectrum of our life – our relationships with spouse, family, and friends, our responsibilities, and how we influence the people in our life. Do we seek to increase our influence on people we know and do not know? Do we desire to seek new goals in life? What do we want to achieve in our life?

Seek higher ground!

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Fall Leaves Resting on the Ground at Hiawatha Highlands


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These Red Sugar Maple Leaves had fallen off a tree and were resting on the ground. Notice the colorful bright red side of one leaf facing up and the duller side of another leaf on the left.

We were walking along this trail searching for bright red sugar maple leaves. My wife was noticing the lavender and pink colored leaves. She was thinking it was a different type of fall leaf. But in reality those colors were the reverse side of the bright red maple leaves.

These bright red leaves are my favorite. In this photo, we can see how much the red stands out. Even though this leaf has some holes and is not perfect in shape or color, it still looks unique and pretty. I love the various shading between darker hues and slight orange on the top right portion.

These double sided leaves represent how we all can have duplicity in our character. Do we project ourselves sometimes with the attractive bright personality? Are we always genuine in our concern or interest in other people? Are we more concerned in how we appear to people than show our true selves? In reality, are we hiding who we really are since it may not be very nice? Do we pretend to be someone that we really are not?

Since I can get angry over social injustice or a bad driver I encounter, I constantly try to pray about this problem. I strive to hide this angry side. My goal is to replace this anger with peace.

Consider how to unify a 2-sided persona into one whole person?

Photos Teach!


Red Leaf Sugar Maple Basking in the Sun at Hiawatha Highlands, Sault Ste Marie


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This photograph was taken at the top of Crystal Falls at Hiawatha Highlands in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. My wife’s cousins took us to this beautiful park. We hiked on a trail that ran parallel to Crystal Falls, where I saw some Red Sugar Maple Leaves near the trail at the top of the falls. My focus during this trip was to find these bright red leaves.

This leaf is not a perfectly symmetrical Red Sugar Maple Leaf. In our minds, we can see the the perfect points of the leaf gradually come down the side in an “A” slant. Then we can imagine each point has parallel corresponding point.

This leaf has been torn and broken apart randomly. I shot this leaf since I found it’s lack of asymmetry interesting. The holes and interesting shape is what I found attractive.

Can we accept ourselves with our imperfections – i.e. a funny shape or holes in our character? Does this mean we should be content and not strive for change to improve? No – Goals should be a constant in life.

Can we accept that who we are inside and out is good and can get better with work?

Photos Teach!


Silhouette of the Blue Angels during Fleet Week 2019


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The Blue Angels flew in the Diamond Formation over San Francisco during Fleet Week 2019. It was fun to watch their perfect formation as we sat underneath. Looking up shows the silhouette of the planes – meaning the planes appeared darker against the lighter blue sky background. It is also cool to watch their white cloud exhaust as the planes are flying fast together.

This photograph shows the contrast between what appears to be the darker planes versus the lighter blue sky. We can appreciate the outline of the planes when we have this contrast.

Look for the contrasts between dark and light when you take your own photographs. The contrasts will make the objects you are shooting to stand out.

Darkness is not always bad when it can highlight the outline of the plane.

Seek contrast in life too! We cannot appreciate sweetness without experiencing the sour. I love the cold more after experiencing extremely hot temperatures. Feeling peaceful moments after a turbulent roller coaster type experience is a relief.

Appreciate contrast in your photos and in life!

Photos Inspire!






Close Fly-by Maneuvers by the Blue Angels at Fleet Week


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The precision and expert maneuvers by the Blue Angels during their air shows amazed me as I was shooting the Blue Angels at the San Francisco Fleet Week. How do these fighter planes move so close to each other and not collide or touch?

I appreciate the great skill and expertise of the Blue Angels every time I watch their shows. Their dedication to be the best is an inspiration to me.

How often do we feel discouraged about improving ourselves in a particular skill? For me – photography has evolved a lot from the beginnings of my career. Technology has greatly improved how photographs look. There are a variety of ways we can share our photos thru Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The internet has provided a different dimension in the way we see our world. Today’s world provides more ways we can express creativity.

I am striving to find my own road to perfect my photography expertise. This photograph reminds me not to give up on how to create my art.

Expertise takes time to develop. Keep striving to be your best at what you do.

Photos Inspire!

F-35 Lightning II Stealth Fighter flying with the Legendary P-51 Mustang


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It was a real treat to watch the F-35 Lightning II fly alongside the P-51 Mustang during the Heritage Flight part of the Fleet Week Airshow in San Francisco on Friday, 10/11/19.

The P-51 Mustang was very lethal fighter and was the highest scoring US fighter in the Europe Theater of Operations. Please see the link below for more info about the P-51 Mustang.

Link to Information about the P-51 Mustang.

It was nice to watch the new F-35 Lightning II fly with the old P-51. Having the old with the new interact with each other was really cool. The old fighter airplane is fun to watch with the front propeller which shows the technology of that time.

These pictures remind us how we need to remember the old and examine the present. We can see how the technology of the fighter airplanes has improved from the P-51 to the F-35. Today we see the new plane has such different technology and moves significantly faster than the P-51. But without the beginnings of the P-51, the improved F-35 would not be possible.

When I think of my past and how I was and compare myself to who I am today – what do I see? I hope I have mellowed out a little and learned from my past experience. My wife tells me I have grown slowly over the years to recognize my mistakes and move forward. I expanded my skills in sharing my photos with this blog and social media. I am seeking to improve my photography skills. I am beginning to create my own scenic area to take photographs of nature, birds, butterflies and etc. – More about this hopefully in my future blogs.

A good retrospective question for each of us – Is my new self an improved version of my old self from 10-20 years ago? Our physical bodies of course change with time and may not be the same. But our mental self and our determination to achieve should improve over time. Is there any satisfaction with the person we are today versus the person we were in the past? Do you like the new “you” of today? Have I changed for the better? Can you ask a close friend or family member to share their opinion about who you are today? Self examination is hard but useful.

If we are not happy with ourselves today, can we figure out what we need to do to be better?

Photos Inspire!