Cal Poly Pomona Broncos vs the SF State Gators


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We went to watch my cousin’s son play basketball against the SF State Gators last fall. I photographed his team last season play against the Gators. It was great to watch the players and see their improvement.

I was especially excited to photograph this game, since I just received my new Pixel 3XL. I was impressed by the specs on this camera and was anxious to test out the camera. I decided to bring my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera to test it against my Pixel 3XL camera.

The photographs from the Pixel 3XL were good, but I could not zoom in as close compared to my Canon camera. Also I could not freeze the action as well using the Pixel. I was able to adjust the ISO setting much higher on my Canon camera to freeze the action with less light in the gym. The next time I would like to test the Night Sight feature to see if the action shots are better. In these pictures, it was in the evening inside the gym, so the lighting was not bright enough to freeze the action for the Pixel 3XL. If I was outdoors in the sunshine, I am sure the Pixel 3XL would do well freezing the sports action shots.

Compare my photographs to see how you like the photographs from the 2 different cameras. I will continue to test out my Pixel 3XL and blog about my results. I do believe the Pixel 3XL has a great camera within the phone and is very portable. But there are limitations to its performance.


Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber at Disney World


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A couple of years ago, we went to Disney World. We went to the Star Wars Launch Bay. As usual, I took lots of pictures of the different Star Wars memorabilia. Here are more photographs of Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber. I don’t know if this is the same one I photographed last month at Disneyland.

I took these photographs with my Canon camera. These photographs are a little grainy compared to yesterday’s blog post. I took these photographs using a older DSLR camera.

In yesterday’s post, I used my Pixel 3XL camera. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was excited to buy this new Pixel last fall since I read how great the camera is. In this circumstance, the Pixel 3XL took better photographs than a few years ago using my older Canon camera. The Pixel 3XL camera has a lot of great features and take good pictures under low light situations without a flash. I was pretty impressed with these photographs at Disneyland.

Does this mean I should give up using my different Canon Digital SLR? No, of course not. There are times my Canon camera will take better photographs than using my Pixel camera and visa versa.

Stay tuned….I will post photographs from my Canon camera which look better than using my Pixel. So is there a preference on using the Pixel or the Canon camera? The answer is…it depends.

Menacing Lightsaber


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Here’s more photos from Star Wars Launchbay at Disneyland featuring Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber.

It is interesting how it is a Crossguard lightsaber meaning the blades are vented from the primary central blade. So the blades are vented out at the top and on the sides.

The lightsabers used by the Star Wars’ heroes are generally shiny and polished. But Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is rough around the edges with the wires exposed. It is not a sleek looking weapon. Is this a reflection of the character of its owner?

I like to spend time examining photos to see the detail as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. Why is Kylo Ren’s lightsaber so unfinished in looks? He created it from an ancient design and contains a cracked Kyber crystal. This accounts for the crossguard appearance and it’s power.

Kylo Ren created this lightsaber with the intent to destroy others. He struck down Lor San Tekka and his father, Han Solo. But Rey almost struck him down even though her Jedi skills were just budding. She was of a pure heart versus his darkness.

This is a good lesson of hope that good triumphs over evil. I will always be a “sucker” that good will be victorious over evil.

If you are interested in more Star Wars trivia, please see the links below.

Keep Photos that teach.

Kylo Ren info from

Kylo Ren Lightsaber info from

What is the Fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy at Disneyland?


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It is the Millennium Falcon at the Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland. I enjoyed shooting photographs at different angles of this Y-1300 Light Freighter.

I am not sure if this model is the actually movie model or not.
The display does not specify. Nevertheless, I like the detail in the model which is why I took multiple photos to show this. It is nice how the model is suspended in the show case.

Below is an interesting link of trivia about the Millennium Falcon – The link is to

Legend/Canon facts about the Millennium Falcon

I am a Sci-Fi junkie. I can spend hours watching Star Wars movies, reading trivia, looking at model drawings, and shooting anything Star Wars.

The details seen in the Star Wars series is proof that “Details Matter”. Often in life, we want to live life vicariously and spontaneously. But we may find out without planning, we could find ourselves in dilemmas if we do not plan. Details are important to consider to avoid problems and stress. Details also make a difference in appearances. The Millennium Falcon is proof that “Details Matter’.

Weathered American Flag from WWII US Vessels


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As I was wandering in The National World War II Museum in New Orleans, I found another American Flag. This flag flew from a vessel during the invasion campaign against Mussolini’s outpost on the beaches of Sicily, Italy. The US and British forces battled to capture Sicily to help eliminate the Axis forces from Italy from the war.

I was attracted to the flag because of the tattled edges and the texture in this flag which survived the war. It is interesting how the flag survived the battle of 38 days without getting any bullet holes. I could imagine how the flag flew valiantly and was blowing fiercely during the vessel’s travels. I could envision how the flag was whipped in the air and proudly endured as the different vessels bought the American forces to the Sicilian beaches. The strength of the American flag fabric endured the battle, just as the Allies fought battles against Germans and Italians to bring about Italy’s surrender.

Seeing this American Flag reminds me what it means to be an American. It symbolizes that we all need to stand for the original principals of our Founding Fathers. Being an American should mean that we will be tough and strive to stand for Freedom and Liberty.

Normally, when we see an item tattled and worn, we would discard it. But this frayed American Flag represents the fighting spirit of those World War II soldiers who sacrificed to win the battle.

Keep photos that teach.

What A Handmade American Flag taught us


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Handmade American Flag
Incredible story
Detailed views of the handmade flag

As I was walking around The National World War II Museum in New Orleans, I noticed this handmade American Flag. It intrigued me with the details. I photographed the details of the flag components. The stars were impressive to me, as well as the hand stitching of the stripes. I can imagine it took a long time to sew 48 stars on the flag.

This American Flag was handmade by a group French teenagers to express their gratitude to the American soldiers who liberated them. The fact that these French teenagers decided to hand sew and hand cut all these pieces to create an American Flag is very touching. It amazes me that they designed and thought about the detail to create this wonderful flag.

There are 2 lessons we all can learn from about their actions of gratitude.

  • Freedom is precious
  • Genuine Gratitude must be expressed thru actions

These French teenagers taught us valuable lessons by their actions of gratitude. Hope these pictures will help each us to have a greater appreciation of our freedom and to perform actions of gratitude to those around us.

Keep photos that teach.

P-51D Mustang Bunnie in New Orleans


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The P-51D Mustang is one of my favorite World War II Fighter Planes. It was a successful fighter achieving a kill ratio of 11:1. I enjoyed walking on the different catwalks and seeing all aspects of the plane. I could photograph from top to bottom and different angles on the side. This museum did an excellent job in displaying the airplanes.

I found this interesting article how ABC’s Good Morning America anchor – Robin Roberts and her sister – WWL-TV anchor Sally-Ann Roberts – hosted an unveiling dedication ceremony on April 21, 2016. This “Bunnie” was restored and replaced a replica P-51 at The National WWII Museum. These sisters’ father – Colonel Lawrence Roberts was a Tuskegee Airman. They led a discussion about these brave black fighter pilots experiences. Below is a link with an article about this event to unveil this airplane.

Fighting for the Right to Fight: African American Experiences in WW II

My wife is amazed about the specs I remember about the different fighter planes and military vehicles. I can remember the different models numbers and names. I collected books which describes all the specifications for these fighters and bomber planes.

It is important to find your passions in life. Whatever it is that interests you, spend your energy to learn about that passion. My passion for these fighter planes gave me a greater appreciation for the fighter pilots who sacrificed to protect our country.

My Gal Sal in New Orleans


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I have always been fascinated with military planes, ships, tanks, equipment, etc. When I was a kid, I built plastic models. I studied reference books for military vehicle specifications and for the detailed pictures and cutaway drawings.

I traveled to New Orleans with my church group. We went there to serve and do community projects. There is still a need to rebuild in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. During the middle of the week, we took a break to visit “The National WWII Museum”. It was quite a treat to visit this museum. The Pastor of our church is a history buff. He visited this museum previously and took us to visit and share in his passion for history. It was really cool to see the items on display up close and personal. Unfortunately we only had a day to spend at the museum. I could have spent a week there as the museum is huge and has multiple buildings. We were only able to visit part of two of the buildings. Seeing the many aircraft suspended from the ceiling was incredible. There were multiple catwalks on different floors, so you could see the different aircraft from many angles. The creators of the museum did a fabulous job on designing the displays. I definitely would like to go back and visit the museum again in the future.

My Gal Sal is one of my favorite airplanes. I like this airplane, because it is a very sturdy bomber that could carry a lot of bombs. It could take a lot of damage. It also has a lot of machine guns for self defense. As per the sign I photographed above, it had 10 .50 caliber and 1 .30 caliber machine guns to defend itself against any enemy fighters. It fascinates me how these bombers were able to effectively protect our country and beliefs.

Our photographs should reflect our fascination with objects, people and places. I’m glad I could photograph this special museum to remember My Gal Sal.

Where to see the Tantive IV Glow


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We went to see Star Wars Launch Bay at Disneyland in December 2018. I could have stayed here for a real long time and amused myself taking photographs of the Star Wars memorabilia with my new Pixel 3XL. If you have looked at my older posts, I have photographed other Star Wars exhibits, since I am mesmerized by all the props.

These are 2 glass exhibits cases. The front ship is the Resistance X-Wing Fighter featured in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. The back ship is the Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner seen in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The effect of the glass cases gives an artistic look to this photograph. I was also impressed with the lighted back engines. The lights gave a nice glow to the photograph. Things do not have to be perfectly staged for a good photograph. Even though these ships were in 2 separate glass cases, the glass and lights in the display worked together to give a special effect to the photograph. So try to surmise your surroundings to see how you can optimize the light to take a good photo.

Here’s a clip from the Star Wars website where the Tantive IV is being chased by the huge Imperial Star Destroyer. Size does not matter as the Tantive IV survived the attack. In the movie, the Imperial Star Destroyer was protrayed to be much larger than the Tantive IV.

By the way – an interesting fact of reality – the models for the 2 ships were actually opposite in sizes. The Tantive IV model is a little larger than the Imperial Star Destroyer.

So even though I did not use my big and heavy Canon camera and lens, the Pixel 3XL still took a pretty decent photograph of these 2 ships. I’m hoping my new Pixel 3XL will provide good photographs, when I do not bring my heavy duty camera equipment…size does matter for convenience.

Tantive IV from Star Wars

How to take night photos from your cellphone?


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Sleeping Beauty Castle taken with my Pixel 3XL

We went on a recent trip to Disneyland and enjoyed all the lights during the Christmas Season. We went with a couple of friends. Of course, we had to capture the Disneyland magic with all the Christmas lights. How do we take night photographs using our cellphones?

I recently purchased the Pixel 3XL. I chose this cellphone, since I was impressed with the camera. I love using my Canon cameras, but the equipment is heavy especially carry the lenses. So during this trip, it was a great opportunity to test out my new Pixel 3XL.

It is important to have the camera on the correct setting. If I was photographing the Main Street Christmas Tree and light decorations, I would set the camera on Night Sight and not use the flash. If I was photographing a person in the foreground with the Christmas lighting in the background, I would use the camera flash so it illuminates the person’s face. If I did not use the flash, the person would be silhouetted by the bright Christmas lights or the camera would over compensate by allowing more light to lighten the person’s face, but the Christmas lighting in the background would be overexposed. It would look blown out, and the colors washed out. When you use the camera flash, it is a good idea to have the person fairly close to the phone flash because if the person is too far away, the flash won’t illuminate the person’s face that well as the flash not that powerful.

If you take one photo without the flash and one photo with flash, you will see the difference in how your photograph looks.