Massive Scoreboard in Candlestick Park in 1988.


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Here’s 2 views of the same scoreboard with the welcome to Candlestick Park.

I shot the scoreboard as I was walking behind the general admission section. The second shot occurred right in front of the scoreboard .

It is interesting how the old scoreboard had many bulbs embedded on the sign. It was about 30 to 40 ft wide. I can imagine there were lots of bulbs to give the different lettering, numbers, and patterns for the scoreboard.

It is always a good idea to shoot an object from different positions as I did with the scoreboard. The different shots of the same scoreboard show the dimensions for the bulbs when looking up versus looking from the side. From the side, the scoreboard shows a little bit of wavy texture due to the bulbs. Looking up, lining up the bulbs gives a polka dot effect.

Next time you see something interesting you want to take a picture of, take a few photos from different angles to see all the perspectives of the object.


Twilight at Candlestick Park in 1989


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This photograph was taken at Candlestick Park in 1989. As my practice, I arrived early to watch batting practice and shoot photos. The grounds crews were removing the batting practice cage and preparing the field for the game.

I took this photo as the sun was below the horizon. Twilight gives a special effect on a photo. It softens the photograph with the diminishing light. It gives a slight gloom effect.

Candlestick Park at twilight gives a subtle darker look to this stadium. I love the traditional stripes on the field too.

What time of day was the best to show off the Stick!

Earth Day 2019


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Welcome to Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada. It is a glacially fed lake in Banff National Park. This picture was taken in July 2013. It does not reach its crest until mid to late June. The blue in July was very pretty. But when the lake is full, it reflects a more distinctive shade of blue.

As we reflect on Earth Day, it is important for us to take care and preserve our world. Changes in all of life are a part of life. Even in our human bodies, there is constant change. Sometimes we need to accept what we can preserve and what we cannot control and stop change.

One thing I appreciate about photographs is the image is preserved especially now with digital files. We can freeze nature’s beauty at a particular point in time for almost eternity. When we see a pretty scene, it will probably only last for a brief time. But if we are fortunate to capture the picture with our camera, we can be blessed to recall the image.

We hope Moraine Lake will continue to be a beautiful place to visit. It has one of the most freshest water in the world. The lodge at the lake is self-sufficient and generates it own power. Moraine Lake is a good example for Earth Day by practicing the principles of reduce, re-use and recycle to protect it’s beauty. Let’s seek to follow this example in our own space.

About Moraine Lake

Mt Davidson Cross, SF, CA. Site of Easter Sunrise Service


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Here is the huge cross that is on top of Mount Davidson in San Francisco. It is an amazing cross where worshipers come annually to celebrate the resurrection of Christ! This year, 500 people are expected to attend an early sunrise service at this cross. It is only lit up on Easter and on April 24th – the Armenian Genocide Memorial Day.

The Cross is also a memorial for the victims of the Armenian Genocide in 1915 as the above sign indicates. The Council of Armenian-American Organizations of Northern California – is the legal owner of the monument Cross.

What is the true meaning of the Cross as we celebrate Easter 2019? It represents the unjust crucifixion of a man – Jesus Christ. He was not just an ordinary man but also the Son of God. His death was an injustice. He was not a criminal. He committed no crimes. He was whipped, tortured, and humiliated. He hung on the cross and sacrificed Himself for the sins of the world.

The Armenian people remembered by this cross also suffered injustice and died without cause.

Link to learn about the Armenian Genocide

We celebrate Easter for the resurrection of Christ! He is risen, and we can be glad to know any of the Armenian people who suffered in the genocide and identified with Jesus Christ, are safe with Him.

This is the Hope we can celebrate this Easter. Forgiveness of sins may seem impossible. But Christ made all things possible which appeared impossible.

The Cross reminds us of our eternal Hope in the midst of the turmoil around our world.

Scoreboard Size Comparison


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I am fortunate to have watched the Giants at Candlestick Park, AT&T Park, Pac Bell Park, and now Oracle Park.

I went thru my photographs to compare the different Scoreboards at really the two ballparks.

Interesting to note – Candlestick Park’s scoreboard was simple. It did not display all the information that we see today. It may have been wider with the advertisements. The baseball stats were compacted into the space.

Pacific Bell Park’s scoreboard was probably the same as the AT&T’s scoreboard. The Pacific Bell Park sign is on the bottom of the scoreboard.

Did you notice there is an added structure surrounding and above the same San Francisco Giants clock where the signage for AT&T Park was displayed? There are a bunch flags waving on the top also.

Oracle Park’s new scoreboard is bigger. It looks like they added to the top structure for advertisements and got rid of the old name. The flags are still waving on top. They also added more advertisement on the side light posts. By moving the advertisement to peripherals, it provides more space in the center to nicely display the stats.

So which scoreboard do you prefer comparing the scoreboards thru the years? Hopefully the SF Giants will dominate in their scoring this season.

Should the Fences move at Oracle Park?


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This might be a preview of Triples Alley at Oracle Park. This photograph was taken on April 21, 2015, at AT&T Park. This was during batting practice when Triples Alley was fenced off for fans to hang out in this area before a SF Giants game.

The SF Giants are considering fencing off Triples Alley and putting the bullpen there. When a batter hits a ball toward this corner which is very difficult, it usually results in a triple. The deep right field corner is 421 feet. Any decisions about Oracle Park’s configuration will take at least a few years.

Bruce Bochy’s opinion is open minded about the change feeling if someone can hit a ball 400 feet, it should be a home run.

Is it wise to recognize when goals are out of reach and need to be adjusted to be more realistic? Analyzing what can be fairly achieved in the game of life is hard to comprehend. Goals can be assumed to be unattainable until the attempts are performed. Reaching a goal thought as unattainable can also be a wonderful surprise and achievement.

For the SF Giants, will removing Triples Alley make the game of baseball a more even playing ground at Oracle Park?

Link to CBS Sports about Oracle Park

Where to go for Mother’s Day? Filoli Gardens



Here are more photographs of the grounds at Filoli Gardens. I used my wide angle zoom lens to shoot the first 3 pictures above. The contrast in the colors with the yellow tulips and lavender flowers is pretty.

The 2nd photo shows the swimming pool. I went to Filoli Gardens at the invitation of good friends. My friends grew up visiting these gardens since their grandfather was a chef for the residents. My friends swam in this swimming pool as children. It was a luxury for the friends to spend an afternoon at this estate. The good memories are relived when they return to visit this garden.

In the 3rd photograph, it almost looks like the gardens are endless. I could have spent a lot more time walking and shooting photographs at Filoli Gardens.

The last photo is interesting with all the green moss growing on the circular container surrounded by the potted bright orange tulips.

The gardens were beautiful when I visited. But if you go on Mother’s Day, there will be an abundance of flowers on display. In the mansion, each room is filled to the max with beautiful arrangements. Filoli Gardens has a wonderful display of flowers that any mother would appreciate.

Hope you will consider spending precious time with your mom and treat her to an afternoon at Filoli Gardens to celebrate her.

Link to Filoili Gardens

How to enjoy Filoli Gardens, Woodside, CA


I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at Filoli Gardens in Woodside, California. On April 3, 2019,my friends invited me to this garden for lunch and to shoot pictures for an early surprise birthday celebration. We’ve been busy with a variety of tasks at home, and it has been a while since I went out to shoot pictures. Spending time with my friends to chat, eat and shoot pictures was just what I needed.

It was mostly overcast that day, and there was some light rain. The colors of the flowers were saturated as the lighting was even and low contrast because of the overcast skies. Many photographers enjoy shooting with overcast skies due to the good light benefits with color.

The first photo was shot with my wide angle lens. The contrast in color with the bright tulips and the lavender little flowers caught my eye. Also the background pink tree provides a variety of colors.

The second photograph was shot with my macro lens. The bright orange with the streaks of red in the petals is striking. My wife would not notice the pattern of colors just normally looking at the flower. But up close, the pattern details of the flowers are very interesting.

This was my first time at Filoli Gardens. Even though I live in the Bay Area, I never took time to visit this vast estate. My friend’s grandfather was the chef at this estate. So my friend has good memories of swimming in the pool as a child. I’m glad my friends have sentimental memories of this estate where their grandfather worked to earn a living for their family. It is nice the gardens are available for us to visit.

Every year, this garden has special displays for Mother’s Day with a special meal. This garden is a wonderful place to spend time with friends and family. I know I could have spent even more time examining the flowers and shooting pictures. If you don’t know where to take your mother on Mother’s Day, consider going to Filoli Gardens.

Link to Filoli Gardens’ website

Lastly, to answer the question in the title – How to enjoy Filoli Gardens? One can enjoy the gardens by strolling around the grounds with family and/or friends. Use your camera or cellphone to take lots of pictures. Pictures will help you to notice the details of patterns and colors in the flowers and the arrangement of plants in the gardens. Slowing down to look at the variety of flowers is relaxing as well as spending quality time with those you love. My friends periodically return to the garden since they love the flowers and the memories of visiting when they were children.

Please stay tuned to see more photographs of my Filoli Gardens visit.

SF Giants Home Opener at Oracle Park, April 5, 2019


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It was great being at the SF Giants Home Opening Game on April 5, 2019. It has been a while since I attended a home opening game.

I am fortunate my cousin invites me to attend games with her, otherwise I would not have gone. Going to the SF Giants games gives an excuse to hang out together.

This was an extra special home opening game, since it is the last time Bruce Bochy will be there as the manager. Watching him throw the pitch was indeed a special moment.

As is my custom, I arrived at the new Oracle Park before noon to roam around the stadium to shoot photographs. You can see my cousin purchased good seats behind home base.

I brought my Canon lenses – 16-35mm wide angle lens to get a good view of the entire field and the bay. I also used my 100-400mm zoom lens to get some closer shots of Bruce Bochy.

Even though the Giants lost to the Rays, I still enjoyed photographing the stadium and celebrating Bruce Bochy’s past accomplishments with the team.

Winning is important. But it is also important to celebrate a good manager and leader. Our expectation of any leader’s ability should be to give their all in their performance. We cannot expect 100% perfection. But we can be thankful to witness a leader’s passion and endurance to teach and train their players. Bruce Bochy has been a great leader and manager. I personally would like to thank Bruce Bochy for his dedication to the SF Giants and his ability to inspire the players and the fans.

Go Giants!

Chalking AT&T Park’s Foul Line and Batter’s Box


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I shot this photo on 5/4/2015 at AT&T Park. It is interesting to see how these professionals are marking the foul line and batter’s box. Precision is important in drawing the 2 batter’s boxes. We know if the batter is not in the correct position in the box, he will be out.

In life, there are lessons we can learn about staying within the boundaries of our batter’s box. Our desire to hit a home run should overrule our rebellious spirit to step out of the box.

Do we have a clear picture of the goals in our life? Do we want to hit a series of home runs in life to succeed? If we have honorable goals, let’s live according to the batter’s box regulations to hit a series of home runs.

Photos remind us of valuable lessons!