Q & A with Mr. Katz at Fenway Park


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During the latter part of our Fenway Park tour, our tour guide – Mr. Andrew Katz – asked the group for questions about this ballpark.  I was the first one to ask a question.  I asked if the stadium is used for any other sporting events.  He replied college football games and ski jumps also happen at the ballpark.  Other visitors asked more questions which I unfortunately cannot remember.

Mr. Katz did a great job with his presentation about Fenway Park.  He informed us about the history and interesting facts about the stadium.  He told us a lot of great stories and was very friendly.

I love sports stadiums.  My goal is to visit ballparks to photograph more stadium art!


Behind Fenway Park’s Left Field Corner


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I have always wondered what was behind Fenway Park. I am glad I went on the ballpark tour a few weeks ago and took a lot of pictures in and around the stadium. This picture satisfied one of my curiosity of what is behind Fenway. I learned that Brookline Ave and Landsdowne St are behind the Northwest side of Fenway. You can also see Sal’s Pizza and Cask’n Flagon in the picture. Now I need to go to Fenway Park when the Red Sox play a game.

Unique Features of Fenway Park


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I enjoyed going on the Fenway Park tour to see this ballpark’s many unique characteristics that make this stadium different than the rest in Major League Baseball. I am so glad that the Red Sox decided to stay at Fenway rather than build a new stadium and move to a different site.

Fenway Park Stadium Tour


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My buddy Larry and I took a ballpark tour of Fenway Park on 10/14/17. It was on my bucket list to see Fenway for the first time and I am so glad we went on the tour. There is so much history in this stadium and the sight lines are incredible. Our tour guide was outstanding and presented us with a lot of history and stories about Fenway. I would highly recommend that you take the tour of Fenway if you have not been there before. It is the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball but it has a tremendous amount of character and charm. I want to go back there to photograph and watch a baseball game in the future. It was really cool to see The Green Monster in person.

Cool Looking Fall Foliage Leaves spotted at Washington Park, Denver.


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We caught the tail end of the Fall Foliage at Washington Park in Denver in late October 2017 but still managed to find some Fall Colors in some of the trees. A lot of the trees lost their leaves but I was glad these did not drop off yet.

Close-up of Maple Leaves at Washington Park, Denver, during Fall Foliage.


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It is very fascinating looking at a Maple Leaf close up and seeing the patterns and colors. That is why the Autumn season is my favorite as far as photography. The colors of some of the leaves is unlike any other time of year and the position of the sun creates more dramatic lighting. I love the Fall season.

Maple Leaves during New Hampshire Fall Foliage


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On a road trip a month ago on 10/13/17 with my buddy, Larry, we were in search of some elusive Red Sugar Maple Leaves and found some in New Hampshire. My timing was a little off as a lot of areas in New Hampshire were past the Fall Foliage Prime as most of the leaves were on the ground.

Setting Sun at Chocorua Lake, New Hampshire


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Absolutely wonderful Fall Foliage at this lake in New Hampshire. It was such a cool sight seeing so many Fall colors in one place. The weather was perfect as I enjoyed photographing the sunset and back-lit Maple leaves a few weeks ago.

4-H Photography Event at Carlmont High Football game in Belmont, CA


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I was invited to participate in a 4-H (Positive Youth Development and Mentoring Organization) event at Carlmont High in Belmont, CA, on Thursday, 11/9/17.  My cousin, Tricia and her husband, David are in charge of the Photography events where there will be sessions to teach basic principals.  Tricia and David are teachers at Carlmont High, and David loves photography as a hobby.  Tricia asked me to help in these training sessions where we can work one on one with the children and their parents to help them to use their cameras.  We will be going to different locations to shoot photographs in the next few months.

David and I talked about photography to a group of youth.  David emphasized the importance of telling a story with the photographs we shoot.  For our first photo shoot, we were allowed to walk on the sidelines of Bruce Usher Stadium and photograph the Carlmont Scots vs Mills Vikings football game. The assignment was to take pictures during the football game. It could be of the game itself, the fans in the stands, the cheerleaders, the mascots, or anything else we could think of. It was a lot of fun talking to the youth and their parents. We provided suggestions about how to take pictures during a football game. The youth had a great attitude and asked a lot of excellent questions. This was the first time that I was allowed to walk on the sidelines of a football game to take pictures, and I had a blast! It was so much fun! I thank Tricia and David for allowing me to have the opportunity to be a mentor to this great group of youth.

Here’s my story from my photographs.  The photographs above are in sequence for a particular running play.  The running back from Carlmont did an outstanding job breaking a tackle to gain extra yardage.  The Mills defense did an excellent job at team defense where there were multiple players tackling the running back.

I’m glad David reminded me the importance of telling a story thru our pictures.  In the above photographs, we can see the perseverance of Mills to bring down the running back.  Mills did lose in this game.  But we can see in the above pictures, they tried their best.  Btw, I am a Mills High School alumni.

Here’s the link if you are interested to learn more about 4-H